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  • Steel Grain Silos

    Steel Grain Silos

    Due to our partnership with Dan-Corn we provide steel grain silos of all sizes that respects all your needs.

  • Loading and Unloading Transport Systems

    Loading and Unloading Transport Systems

    Dan-Corn silos are equipped with conveyors for loading/ unloading grains with capacities from 40 to 300 t per hour. Conveyors are delivered as a modular system to fit the desired storage capacity of beneficiaries. it has a superior quality, a galvanized finish, corrosion resistant and excellent price / quality report. Together with Dan-Corn elevators type bena can carry grains horizontally, vertically or oblique with an low energy consumption compared...

Products by DAN-CORN A/S

  • Dan-Corn Grain Cleaning & Conveyor Systems

    Dan-Corn Grain Cleaning & Conveyor Systems

    Our conveyor systems will meet any demand for transportation of crops to and from our bins and mobile dryers. All the systems are known for their high quality, durability, efficiency and flexibility.

  • Westfield Grainaugers

    Westfield Grainaugers

    The Westfield grain auger is a Canadian quality product, that is produced at the world's largest specialized factory. Both design and construction have been tested before the products reach the customer.

  • Mobile Dryer

    Mobile Dryer

    Our mobile dryer is the most advanced and efficient mobile dryer in the market with large drying capacity, up to 15% energy saving, fully automatic moisture sensor and minimal installation and operational costs. The advantages speak for themselves.

  • Steel Grain Bins

  • Dan-Corn - Steel Grain Bins

    Dan-Corn - Steel Grain Bins

    Big inlet with lid at the top of the bins. Roof ladder with railing and non-skid steps. Resin anchor foundation bolts. Flexible sealant between bin and foundation. Large external access door fitted with safety device. Large external ladder with safety cage or spiral staircase. Internal inspection ladder. Large roof manhole with safety railing. Efficient and durable unloading equipment with 35 to 100 tons/hour capacity.

  • Dan-Corn - Stirring System

    Dan-Corn - Stirring System

    With the Dan-Corn stirring system you can easily store and dry moist grain in up to 8 m grain depth in our outdoor storage bins. The drying process must be activated as soon as an even grain layer (0.5-1 m) is in the bin.

  • Dan-Corn - Unloading System

    Dan-Corn - Unloading System

    The Dan-Corn unloading system for round, steel bins consists of an unloading auger with a drive unit, a centresump and a number of intermediate sumps operated by an external handle.

  • Dan-Corn - Hopper Bins

    Dan-Corn - Hopper Bins

    Designed and manufactured in the USA. Bin diameter from 4.57 to 6.40 m. Bin capacities from 59 to 214.5 tons of wheat. Volume from 78 to 282 m3 with 45° cone shaped hopper. Strong Roller-Gate outlet slide. Galvanised legs bolted to two silo rings. External ladder with safety cage. Roof ladder to the top of the silo. 32° silo roof with inspection hatch in the roof sheet. With anchor bolts for easy attachment to the foundation.

  • Dan-Corn - Painted Steel Grain Bins

    Dan-Corn - Painted Steel Grain Bins

    Dan-Corn grain bins are also available with a painted surface. The hot dip galvanized silo sheets are degreased whereupon they are painted with a durable powder coating. You may choose between 1688 different RAL colours – this means that we can always adapt the silo project to your specific requirement.

  • Flat Storage

  • Dan-Corn - Flach & Le-Roy Drive-On Floors

    Dan-Corn - Flach & Le-Roy Drive-On Floors

    The floor construction comprises high specification kilndried hardwood boards mounted on pressure-treated bearers providing a highly stable, strong and durablefloor. Each top board is separated by a perforated steel mesh enabling excellent air distribution over the entire floor area. Flach & Le-Roy air ducts are manufactured using the same high-grade timber as in the floors and designed for maximum air distribution efficiency to ensure that air is...