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  • Rotaris - Model FB 500 - Packaging Machines

    Rotaris - Model FB 500 - Packaging Machines

    We can offer cartons and machines designed specifically for transporting and packaging fresh bouquets. Not only the flowers are precious, but also the time needed to package them. Our machines for packaging bouquets promise considerable time savings.

  • Freshbag - Asparagus

    Freshbag - Asparagus

    Only too often, first class asparagus has long lost its freshness when it finally arrives on the consumer’s table. FRESHBAG is the innovative and simple solution for the transport and storage of asparagus. FRESHBAG makes sure that asparagus remains as crisp as in cold storage for many days. Even if stored at 2 °C in cold storage over eleven days and then kept in the FRESHBAG at 22 °C for a further four days, this delicious vegetable will...

  • Freshbag - Flower Mailing Cartons

    Freshbag - Flower Mailing Cartons

    FRESHBAG boxes are now available in two sizes (l / w / h): 31 x 31 x 50 cm - per container are 25 pieces available. With an attractive design and sturdy interior for a secure hold of the bouquet. And a tear-open for the lighter shown in the cut flowers to the recipient. The shipping box provides stability and protection, as well as ample space for your direct flower delivery. 40 x 40 x 60 cm - per container are 10 items available.