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  • Yellow Range - Agri Range Mower

  • Altéa - Arm Mower

    Altéa - Arm Mower

    The Altéa arm mower stands out for its original design and offers a hot-rolled boom for the first time in the agricultural range. Particularly well suited to the requirement of local authorities, agricultural machinery cooperatives, farmers and landscapers, the Altéa arm mower combines ease of use and efficiency. With a maximum horizontal reach of 5.50 m, this arm mower has a power rating of 55 hp and combined...

  • Agora - Arm Mower

    Agora - Arm Mower

    Designed for worksites requiring frequent upkeep, the Agora range is suitable for use with all tractors over 65 hp. The Agora arm mower is available in two versions, 50 hp or 60 hp, and is fitted with a TP profiled and reinforced cutting head.

  • Théa - Arm Mower

    Théa - Arm Mower

    The Théa range offers two linkage options: straight boom (P) or extended boom (PA) with the option to choose combined low pressure single-level proportional control. It also offers various options enabling the machine to be adapted to the user’s requirements.

  • Orange Range - Technipro Boom Mower

  • Fulgor - Three Segment Boom Mower

    Fulgor - Three Segment Boom Mower

    Three-Segment Boom Mower With its long-reach mowing capability, the Fulgor three-segment boom arm mower offers a high level of performance. With a three-segment boom, the Fulgor arm mower offers a horizontal reach of 12.50 m and can be used for work at road level and vertical pruning.

  • Fulgor - Two Segment Boom Mower

    Fulgor - Two Segment Boom Mower

    Renowned for its robustness and reliability, the Fulgor range includes machines offering a horizontal reach of 5.2 m to 12 m. The extremely high standards applied to the selection of components mean that these brushcutters are of unrivalled quality, ensuring that they withstand the most challenging conditions. In particular, Fulgor equipment offers the benefit of moulded steel parts, a two-tube jib and a fully hydraulic piston...

  • Rotary Wing Cutter

  • Rotary Wing Cutter

    Rotary Wing Cutter

    Rousseau has added to its range with rotary wing cutter (BGLs) intended in particular for use in agriculture, for community upkeep, and at airports. These shredders will provide a perfect cut for regular upkeep of your large outdoor spaces, grassland cutting, green manure, crop residue, fallow land, orchards, airports, and so on.

  • Turbo Mowers

  • Fonsor - Turbo Mower

    Fonsor - Turbo Mower

    Rousseau has developed a series of turbomowers whose performance and technical specifications make them the ideal choice for particularly stringent mowing requirements. The Fonsor rear turbomowers offers a sliding lateral offset of 0.60 m.

  • Model BX 324 - Turbo Mower

    Model BX 324 - Turbo Mower

    Turbo Mower With a cutting width of 1.60 m, the BX 324 is front-mounted with a cutting assembly set to the right.