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  • Advances in Building Energy Research

    Advances in Building Energy Research

    This annual volume brings together invited contributions from the foremost international experts on energy efficiency and environmental quality of buildings. Offering state-of-the-art information on the environmental science and performance of buildings, the journal also links new technologies and methodologies with the latest research on systems, simulations and standards.

  • Architectural Engineering and Design Management

    Architectural Engineering and Design Management

    Influential and far-reaching, Architectural Engineering and Design Management provides a unique forum for the dissemination of academic and practical developments related to architectural engineering and building design management. This international, peer-reviewed journal details the latest cutting-edge research and innovation within the field, spearheading improved efficiency in the construction industry.

  • Architectural Science Review

    Architectural Science Review

    Founded at the University of Sydney in 1958 by Professor Henry Cowan to promote continued professional development, Architectural Science Review  presents a balanced collection of papers on a wide range of topics. From its first issue over 50 years ago the journal documents the profession’s interest in environmental issues, covering topics such as thermal comfort, lighting, and sustainable architecture, contributing to this extensive fie

  • Climate and Development

    Climate and Development

    The leading international peer-reviewed journal on the links between climate and development. Climate and Development is published by Earthscan and the Stockholm Environment Institute in partnership with the Global Change System for Analysis, Research and Training (START). The journal is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). It is the first academic journal to provide a forum to communicate research, ...

  • Climate Policy

    Climate Policy

    Climate Policy presents the highest quality refereed research and analysis on the policy issues raised by climate change, and provides a forum for commentary and debate. It addresses both the mitigation of, and adaptation to, climate change, within and between the different regions of the world. It encourages a trans-disciplinary approach to these issues at international, regional, national and sectoral levels.

  • Environmental Hazards: Human and Policy Dimensions

    Environmental Hazards: Human and Policy Dimensions

    The journal addresses the full range of hazards events from extreme geological, hydrological, atmospheric and biological events such as earthquakes, floods, storms and epidemics to technological failures and malfunctions such as industrial explosions, fires and toxic material releases. With a genuinely international perspective, this journal highlights issues of human exposure, vulnerability, awareness, response and risk. The role of hazards in ...

  • Intelligent Buildings International

    Intelligent Buildings International

    An intelligent building provides a sustainable, responsive, effective and supportive environment within which individuals and organisations can achieve their objectives. Technology is fundamental, but is an enabler rather than an end in itself. Going beyond traditional engineering and architecture solutions, the Intelligent Buildings International (INBI) journal examines new methodologies and tools for intelligent buildings, smart materials an

  • The International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability

    The International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability

    An international cross-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing the understanding of sustainability in agriculture and food systems. The journal is designed to increase knowledge on what technologies and processes are contributing to agricultural sustainability, what policies, institutions and economic structure are preventing or promoting sustainability, and what relevant lessons should be learned.