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  • Rowse - Ultimate V-Rake

    Rowse - Ultimate V-Rake

    Rowse has taken the features of its previous V-Rake Models and has designed the Ultimate V-Rake that is more maneuverable, more flexible, and gets more hay into the windrow. 

  • Rowse - V-Rake

    Rowse - V-Rake

    Our products offer years of heavy-duty, virtually maintenance-free use, and the V-Rake is no exception. It also offers hydraulically adjustable windrow widths that ensure optimum operating rates.

  • Ultimate Sidekick Windrow Turner

    Ultimate Sidekick Windrow Turner

    Designed as a multipurpose management tool, the Sidekick Windrow Turner will lift and turn any existing windrow to speed curing time or dry one that is wet from rain or dew. 5' x 1/4' square tubing. Field speed determines windrow width. Adjustable raking wheel.

  • Dump Rake

    Dump Rake

    Ideal for making big windrows for large round balers. No matter what your haying system, with a Rowse Rake you can make the size of windrow you need to fit your system – even in light or uneven hay – for baling or stacking.

  • Double Bar Mower

    Double Bar Mower

    Mowing needs change from one field to the next and one person’s convenience may be another person’s problem. With this in mind, ROWSE improved and expanded their line of Mowers. It includes Hydraulic-Driven Double-Bar Mowers, PTO Drive Double-Bar Mowers, both with your choice of Pitmanless or Balanced Mower Heads, and PTO Drive Single-Mowers, either 3-point Mounted or Trailing. Whether your acreages are small and crops light or acreages...

  • Model 3002 and 3004 - Scrapers

    Model 3002 and 3004 - Scrapers

    Rowse Scrapers are durably built, with all welded construction, to last for years of heavy-duty, low-maintenance use. Their versatility allows you to move dirt, level land, dig holes, clear areas and drain or fill low spots. The complete operation is controlled by one single-spool, double-acting hydraulic control valve.