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Committed to communicating ground breaking technology for the benefit of agriculture, the Royal Agricultural Society of England has established the `Innovation for Agriculture` initiative. Providing a knowledge transfer service for producers and the wider industry on the latest innovations and on farm technology. This involves helping co-ordinate the world of agricultural innovation through to adoption out on farm. This will involve working in collaboration with others and looking for opportunities to run joint events to take new technology out to the industry. The RASE is positioned at the front end of the technology adoption curve and picking up niche subjects.

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This activity builds on our proud history of supporting farming and rural industries by encouraging knowledge transfer, technical development and supporting best practice. With the continuing support of our members, RASE can be an innovator, a catalyst for change and a sounding board for new ideas – a true independent voice speaking on behalf of farming and rural England.

To be the independent voice for the interpretation and application of science and best practice that seeks to optimise agriculture and food resources to ensure a secure global future.

Our Five Aims

  • We encourage and promote technical innovation and communicate practical knowledge of value to farmers.
  • We foster a vibrant and active membership of the Society that meets the technical and information requirements of the agricultural sector
  • We collaborate with others in order to develop and encourage knowledge transfer which is of value to farmers and the farming industry
  • We apply good science and best practice to promote sustainability in production agriculture and diversity in the environment
  • We provide and independent, impartial voice for agriculture, land management and rural matters

In 1838 a group of individuals with interests in agriculture - journalists, landowners and enthusiasts - had become convinced that science would help English agriculture become more productive and meet the growing food requirements of a booming population. They founded the RASE with this aim; though its attainment has seen remarkable changes of fortune over the years.

After the Napoleonic wars, popular opinion turned against ‘new fangled nonsense’; but the Society’s Journal and growing commercial prosperity rekindled enthusiasm for innovation with the early Victorians. Change followed, with rapid advances in agriculture and controversies and problems for the Society.

Then there was the agricultural depression to contend with where successive governments relied on cheap imports at the expense of home production in the 1930’s.

In the post-war revolution the Society helped research and development in agriculture to take off once again; the industry looked forward with new initiatives and opportunities.