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  • Allett - Mower

    Allett - Mower

    This hard working, general purpose mower is designed for the serious home gardener and semi-professional who may be maintaining formal lawns, parks and gardens, cemetries and similar ornamental grass. Available in a choice of three widths; 20', 24' and 30' cut, all Allett Buckingham machines are equipped with six-bladed precision cutting cylinders delivering 73 cuts per metre.

  • Kioti - Model 2210 - Utility Vehicles

    Kioti - Model 2210 - Utility Vehicles

    This is the go-anywhere, do-anything Kioti Mechron. It’s ready, willing and able to take on any job you give it. The Mechron is a multi-tasker for the modern age – combining best-in-class power and build quality with rugged good looks and more than a touch of refinement for both driver and passengers. With the Mechron, ultimate 4x4 performance comes with the territory. Thanks to 4-wheel, fully independent dual A-arm rear suspension and a...