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  • Greenhouses- Glass Greenhouse

  • Rufepa - Glass Venlo Greenhouses

    Rufepa - Glass Venlo Greenhouses

    In RUFEPA we can make your project with sophisticated greenhouses glass type 'Venlo, which is a product of high technology, quality and adaptability that fulfills the needs of horticulturists more demanding. The dimensioning and design of the elements that make up the main structure are calculated specifically for each project with calculation software for glass greenhouses: CASTA. RUFEPA glass greenhouses, comply with the latest European regulation:...

  • Greenhouses- Plastic Greenhouse

  • Rufepa - Multispan and Gothic Greenhouses

    Rufepa - Multispan and Gothic Greenhouses

    Rufepa designs, manufacture and assemble this greenhouse structure. Due to its high apaptation to the different weather conditions it can be name the most common greenhouse design. This design can work under very hot /cold weather conditions. The minimun temperatures of our design can reach very low temperatures and on the contrary in very hot locations reaching +50ºC outside the greenhouse. The equipments included in this projects are ready to...

  • Rufepa - Model Almeria Type - Parral or Greenhouse

    Rufepa - Model Almeria Type - Parral or Greenhouse

    Rufepa has constructed for more than 30 years this greenhouse structure for crop protection, there are different names for this structure depending on the geographical area in Spain where it is used, 'parral', 'Almeria Type Greenhouse' , 'canary type greenhouse' or 'raspa and amagado'.

  • Rufepa - Fixed Ventilation or Tropical Greenhouse

    Rufepa - Fixed Ventilation or Tropical Greenhouse

    Rufepa manufactures fixed ventilation greenhouse for horticulture and flower production. Our experience dates from 2.004. This design is specific for hot and mild weather conditions in tropical countries in Africa, South America and Southern Asia. The big problem to solve in this greenhouses is usually the excess of humidity and temperature, to avoid them our design provide fixed ventilation, high volume greenhouses and special plastic to decrease...

  • Greenhouses- Shading House

  • Nethouse for Horticulture

    Nethouse for Horticulture

    Net Houses designed by Rufepa are structures which purpose is to reduce the damage caused by insects (Agents propagators of viruses), by the wind and the hail in the crop. They are especially suitable for cultivation areas susceptible to exposure to these agents. Nethouses are a perfect structure for hot areas with low rains. The nethouses can produce tomatos, pepper, cucumbers, zuchini, lettuce, and other crops classified as horticulture. During the...