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  • Model RS - Power Hoe

    Model RS - Power Hoe

    The Rumptstad Power Hoe is a unique soil tillage implement which has been developed specifically for the African soils and working conditions. The Power Hoe with a working width of nearly 90 cm and a forward speed of about 2.0 km/hr can till one acre of land every two hours depending on soil conditions and the experience of the tractor operator. Its ease of operation makes training of operators a 1 day job.  The Power Hoe is the ideal soil...

  • Model RS - Power Harrow

    Model RS - Power Harrow

    The RS Power Harrow has been exclusively developed for Africa and the RS Tractor. The shaking movement of the double row of tines fragments all clods left behind by the RS Power Hoe and leaves a fine, smooth and incredibly perfect seed bed for ridging, sowing or precision planting. The RS Power Harrow is constructed with the highest possible quality of steel, only first class quality parts are used and the construction is solid and well thought-out....

  • Model RS - Rice Seed Drill

    Model RS - Rice Seed Drill

    Rice yields depend on the farmer’s capability to suppress weeds. Keeping this in mind, we have developed for our RS Tractor, a rice seed drill with a working width of 1.50 m with 6 seed pipes drilling rice seeds at an inter row distance of 18 to 20 cm. After sowing farmers can now apply herbicides between the rows with the RS Spot Weeder.  Effective weeding will immediately double yields while at the same time the need for labour is greatly...

  • Model RS - Precision Planter

    Model RS - Precision Planter

    The RS Precision Planter allows adjustment of planting by simply interchanging different sprockets and planting discs. Each crop and each planting requirement has its own set of sprockets and discs allowing an infinite variation of number of seeds per pocket, distances between pockets and inter row spacing. The standard version of the RSPrecision Planter has two separate planting implements fixed to a toolbar that in its turn is securely fixed to...

  • Model RS - Trailer

    Model RS - Trailer

    The Rumptstad Trailer has been designed with African farming conditions in mind. The large platform permits transportation of high volume/low weight crops and farmers can also load several implements at the same time whengoing to the farm. Bush tracks are no obstacle to the RS Tractor and the RS Trailer will go where this tractor goes. The heavy-duty axle of 2.5 tons capacity combined with the large platform and the (removable) head, side and...

  • Model RS - Ricefan Thresher

    Model RS - Ricefan Thresher

    The Rumptstad VOTEX RiceFan is immensely popular in most African countries for now more than 30 years. Formerly build by the company VOTEX of the Netherlands, this simple and very effective rice thresher is now manufactured in the Rumptstad factory in Holland but is also built under our licence in two locations in West Africa (Mali) where two different companies have a capacity of about 100 to 200 machines per year. The RiceFan is light weight, can be...