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  • Rotary Mower

  • DEV - Model 100-135 - Rotary Variable Mower

    DEV - Model 100-135 - Rotary Variable Mower

    The new model DEV 100-135 has been designed to meet the requests of grass cutting in orchards and vineyards with very limited inter-row working widths, especially in hills and mountains, where the distances between the rows are very narrow. The mower has small dimensions and is really compact, in order to guarantee a minimum size and a good quality of the grass cutting operations. Machine with patent registered.

  • Model DER/N - Rotary Mower

    Model DER/N - Rotary Mower

    'DER/N' powerful mower equipped with two direct rotors having a cutting speed from 4 to 10 Km/h. Suitable for vineyards and orchards, it also gives excellent perfomances in sports grounds, airports, as well as in public parks and gardens. Reduced maintenance: no greasing points, no belts. It can also carry out the mulching among the trees and combined with hydraulic cutting wheel, it works perfectley in mowing the grass between the rows. The machine...

  • Model TP - Mower with Variable Cutting Width

    Model TP - Mower with Variable Cutting Width

    'TP' Mower with variable cutting width, which has been properly developed and designed to work in orchards and large public area; sturdy and efficient, for tractors powered from 40 up to 60 HP, it can work with in full safety even in difficult conditions.

  • Sickle - Rotary Mower

    Sickle - Rotary Mower

    This new machine was conceived to solve quickly the problem of week cutting among the rows of trees without using any chemicals. The possibility to incline the blade disk from +90° to -60° makes it absolutely necessary in the maintenance of road edges and side ditches. It can operate by means of a hydraulic sensor with indipendent pump and tank or by means of a spring retraction device using the tractor oil only.

  • Other Products

  • Inter Row Bar for Weed Control

    Inter Row Bar for Weed Control

    This is the ideal implement for weed control and for spraying plant protection products between the rows in vineyards, orchards, etc.. It is mounted at the front of tractors equipped with a hydraulic circuit. When the extensions are closed, it reduces to within the limits of the tractor's width and thus becomes smaller in size, while when the extensions are open, it can work over a width ranging from a minimum 1.80 meters to a maximum of 5 meters..

  • Bin Trolley

    Bin Trolley

    The bin trolley has been specifically designed for handling crates, loading, unloading and harvesting fruit with a single operator. It is ideal for work between the rows of vines, fruit trees, etc. There are two different versions, one operated by hand and the other a motorized 'Energy' version which, thanks to its driving system, can operate on its own with two 24 V electric motors powered by two batteries. It can be supplied with a remote control on...