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  • Plows

  • Disc Harrows

  • Model KDB - Disc Harrows

    Model KDB - Disc Harrows

    Disc harrows are intended for processing all types of soils, in order to prepare seedbed. The equipment can process the soil at depth of 2-12 cm and in order to achieving greater productivity in work. During the work carried out, soil deploy assets so that the layer of soil and the work piece remains well chopped and mellowed, with a settlement that allows the natural grain, germination, plant growth and development, as well as keeping the water in...

  • Subsoilers

  • Model GP - Subsoilers

    Model GP - Subsoilers

    Subsoilers are intended for processing the land worn at depth from 25 up to 50 cm in order to prevent soil erosion, breakage of the bed former after processing with plow and continuously improve the ventilation and moisture conditions of the soil.

  • Combiners

  • Model MBT - Combiners

    Model MBT - Combiners

    Combiners are designated for crushing ground surface, machined surface leveling, soil surface cut, loosening, crumbling and leveling the surface cultivated loosening finals and leveling the ground.

  • Seed Drills

  • Model UPS - Seed Drills for Weeding Plants With Skates

    Model UPS - Seed Drills for Weeding Plants With Skates

    Seed drills UPS are precision pneumatic drills and are intended for seeding crop of maize, sunflower, beans, sorghum, soy, peas, etc. They are on roller skate with a standard fertilization and transportation system.