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  • Orbit Reel Kits

    Orbit Reel Kits

    The revolutionary, patent-pending design of the Orbit Reel is tailored to today’s high performance headers and brings the reel tines right up to the auger before exiting the crop. The old-fashioned reel is replaced with a double-track system. The unique shape of the Orbit Reel allows the reel tines to break their circular path and swing directly past the auger. Crop flow is positive. Build-up and slugging is reduced.

  • Planting Products

  • Acre Plus Seed Box Toppers

    Acre Plus Seed Box Toppers

    OEM color matched plastic construction. Plastic mold injection process insures better fit with one-piece snap-on design. No modification to original seed box, use existing seed box lid. Adds one bushel to seed box capacity - Plant more acres between fills. Adds 7 1/4 inches to height of planter seed box. Not recommended for fiberglass constructed seed boxes.

  • SI Belt Meter

    SI Belt Meter

    The S.I. Belt Meter will allow you to plant the seed population per acre you choose without guessing. Accurate population control is possible even on large seed crops such as soybeans. The S.I. Belt Meter, when mounted on a grain drill, will singulate the seed and maintain accurate population control over a wide range of seed sizes (2,000 to 4,000 actual seeds per pound).