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  • Trolleys

  • Sabatino - Trolley for Tractor and Barrel

    Sabatino - Trolley for Tractor and Barrel

    The cart is compliant for road use with a gross vehicle weight of 14000Kg. Available versions of 8m / 8.5m / 9m, with length ranging between 1650mm (one tractor) and 2500mm (with barre).

  • Sabatino - Trolley Spreader

    Sabatino - Trolley Spreader

    This is also one of the tools CE marked allows to transport the spreader from brought to towed, thus allowing a higher load capacity equipment. Equipped with manual leg, galvanized ladder; the cart is suitable for any model of fertilizer spreader, choosing between hydraulic or manual.

  • Processing Ground

  • Sabatino - Leveling Axis

    Sabatino - Leveling Axis

    It is equipped with four hydraulic pistons: two faces to the opening and closing of the wings for the transport in the street, one that allows to adjust the angle of incidence of the blade on the ground and finally the last side piston to control the angle of rotation of the leveler with respect to the advancing direction.

  • Sabatino - Stellar Harrow

    Sabatino - Stellar Harrow

    The harrow has a simple but sturdy, available in light or heavy version. It has special bearings, the shafts are mounted on iron bushings and cast iron high-resistance supports.

  • Crawler Tracks

  • Sabatino - Model Evolution Track 2.0 - Crawler Tracks

    Sabatino - Model Evolution Track 2.0 - Crawler Tracks

    Steel structure. Undercarriage - 4 rollers. Rollers and wheels with polyurethane cover. Swinging rollers on mechanical rockers. Vertical hydraulic suspension with gas shock absorber. Rubber belt - width 900 mm. Engine wheel - 23 pins. Direct fixing to adapter. Groud contact area - 20.700 cm².