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  • Sacom Green Biotech System

    Sacom Green Biotech System

    SGB System has been created for those farmers who are committed in improving their yields reducing their costs and is a simple and cheap alternative to common fertilizers, suitable for every kind of application.  SGB System works with all those beneficial microorganisms that provide new fertility to the plants: it activates other organisms that make available Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Carbon, biologically restoring and enriching soil natural...

  • SacomLab


    The values that inspire SACOM research are based on the observation of farmers work trying to understand their needs. A concrete research able to provide answers and simple solutions to every farmer who is committed in obtaining higher and ecologically more sustainable yields. To easily provide the most complicated solutions we focus on the use of microorganisms that, together with fertilizers, can increase the agricultural productivity while...

  • DCD-SLOW - Model N28 - Liquid Fertilizers

    DCD-SLOW - Model N28 - Liquid Fertilizers

    DCD-SLOW N28 is a high title liquid Nitrogen fertilizer featured by Dicyandiamide (DCD) nitrification inhibitor. The presence of DCD Dicyandiamide in SLOW-N 28 reduces Ammonia and Ureic Nitrogen in nitrate form period of transformation; this process represents a significant supply for the plant (that will benefit of a constant assimilable Nitrate Nitrogen ) and an environmental advantage leading to reduced Nitrogen losses caused by leach out.