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SACOM was founded in 1981 to distribute agricultural products in the regional market. Since 1992 its activity has been focused on the production of fertilizers and products for agriculture. After the acquisition of ELEP S.p.A. subsidiary, the production has also been extended to Green Biotechnologies for agricultural use like microorganisms and mycorrhizae. Today SACOM‘s core business is Green Biotechnology for agricultural use and fertilizers production and marketing. Sacom is part of a larger project inside GRUPPO SACOM, which is present in all stages of the agricultural supply chain both directly and through strong alliances with the main operators: from the production of technical means to the cultivation of soils, from the use of the agricultural product to supply anaerobic digestion biogas facilities to the production of clean energy from renewable sources to the distribution.

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Strada Statale 87 Km 204 , Larino , Molise 86035 Italy

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A great passion for Nature and the observation of what Nature can offer when respected and managed with balance have always been a milestone for the ones who created SACOM project. Green Biotechnology and Nature preservation are still today the leading elements for entrepreneurs and investors focused on SACOM project. SACOM new project has been developed according to the same inspiring principles: its goal is to offer to every farmer innovative and ecologically sustainable solutions for plant nutrition.