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  • Slabs


    More choice in absorption capacity and controllability range. The cultivation of vegetables on substrate presents varying substrate requirements. Some crops/growers require a substrate of a generative nature, whereas others prefer a substrate with a vegetative nature. Cultilène’s substrate slabs (potentially) have a high water retention capacity that offers excellent controllability. The slabs can also be re-saturated quickly and...

  • Rose Cultivation

    Rose Cultivation

    Growing roses calls for a substrate that retains its properties over a long period of time. Homogeneity and firmness are especially important. Cultilène’s rose-growing substrate can retain its homogeneity and firmness for years. The differences between the slabs are minimal – both with respect to firmness, moisture content and dimensions. The durability of these slabs, moreover, places them in a class of their own. The rose slabs...