Salford  Barron & Brothers International (BBI)

Salford BBI is a design, manufacturing and sales company serving the agricultural, poultry and construction industries. We maintain a commitment to providing a variety of granular material application solutions expressly created to improve the financial performance of all Salford BBI customers. A culture of innovation drives the team at Salford BBI to raise the technology levels in all areas of our industry for both new and existing Salford BBI products. The result is efficient, well-designed equipment that is easy to use and profitable to own. Consequently, all of our spreaders and peripheral equipment incorporate components selected for durability and efficiency, thereby reducing labor, fuel and maintenance costs. In addition, Salford BBI’s focus on spread pattern advancement delivers a precise field-application for optimum results.

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470 South Wayside Street , Cornelia , Georgia (US) 30531 USA

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Salford BBI serves the agricultural, poultry and construction industries with the Lowest Cost In Use Spreaders in the industry.

A passion for serving the needs of each and every customer drives Salford BBI. Our dealers are trusted, knowledgeable, and committed to help with any service issue or question.
Salford BBI designs and manufactures Fertilizer Spreaders, Lime Spreaders, Litter Spreaders, Compost Spreaders, Rock Spreaders, Aggregate Spreaders, Sand Spreaders, Fertilizer / Lime Spreaders, Litter, Lime and Shavings Spreaders.