SalmoBreed AS

SalmoBreed AS

SalmoBreed AS is a genetics company specialising in selective breeding of Atlantic salmon. SalmoBreed`s family-based breeding programme is one of the leading breeding programs for the species Salmo salar. Through selective breeding, SalmoBreed has developed robust genetic material which is superior in areas such as growth, late maturity, disease resistance and product quality. Annual testing of all of our family groups provides great flexibility in the production of eggs that are tailor-made for our customers’ requirements. In total, all our breeding work is done to support sustainable and efficient production for our customers. SalmoBreed is owned by Bolaks AS, Akvaforsk Gentics Center AS, Erfjord Stamfisk AS, Osland Havbruk AS and Sjøtroll Havbruk AS, with its main office is located in Bergen, Norway. The broodstock and fish egg production units are located in the counties Nordland, Sogn & Fjordane, Hordaland and Rogaland

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Bontelabo 2 , Bergen , N-5003 Norway
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SalmoBreed AS was established in 1999 with the main office located in Bergen, Norway. Today, SalmoBreed is a leading international breeding company in developing, producing and selling salmon ova. Our genetic material has been produced since the seventies and is based upon the well-known strains of Bolaks, Mowi and Jakta.

To ensure predictable and reliable ova deliveries, our broodstock, ova and breeding nucleus production takes place in four geographically separate areas along the Norwegian coast, and at our overseas licensed producer - Fiskaaling (Faroe Islands).Through the establishment of Salten Stamfisk AS in Nordland we have further improved the security of our production.SalmoBreed is continuously working to improve the genetic material. SalmoBreed has further increased its focus on disease resistance in its breeding material and is annually testing against  IPN, PD and ISA viruses. We were also the first companyto commence testing and selecting breeding material for resistance to salmon lice. SalmoBreed is an innovative company that uses modern technology including QTL. In this context the company was the first in finding a genetic marker related to resistance to Pancreas Disease.Today, this marker along with the marker for IPN, is actively used in the production of eggs for our customers.

SalmoBreed AS takes fish health very seriously in order to keep control of vertically transmitted disease and reduce possible egg-associated infection. A good health strategy means that eyed eggs are produced from parents with a known health status and therefore of the best quality.

In the sea the broodstock are monitored carefully through both regulatory and SalmoBreed´s own strict and self-imposed requirements. For stripping and other operations, we have contamination barriers between the various steps in the process to prevent the transfer of potential infections and threats. Each fish used for the production of eggs is examined by qualified personnel, and fish that do not meet specification, are not used. We use a program to screen for BKD bacterium as well as IPN, ISA and PD viruses.

All production that takes place in our four production areas is ISO, Global GAP and Freedom Foods approved.