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  • Plug Planter

    Plug Planter

    1.8mtr wide planting. 600 diameter press roller. Swivel tow hitch. Full hydraulic drive. 2 pallet capacity. Only requires one person to feed in turf. Cuts large plugs.

  • Trebro - Model SC2010 Roll - Harvester

    Trebro - Model SC2010 Roll - Harvester

    The Trebro SC2010 self-propelled, automatic stacking roll harvester showcases Trebro’s proven reliability in a new, innovative design. It is a compact, lightweight turf harvester that is powered by a 99 HP Cummins engine. With all-wheel drive and rear-wheel anti-spin control, the SC2010 stays on track in wet, muddy conditions. The SC2010 is the most maneuverable turf harvester we have ever built. The 170 degree front steering axle with zero...