SankalpTaru… A solemn pledge to plant and nurture trees. SankalpTaru Foundation is a non-profit organization that initiates, develops and manages reforestation and environmental conservation projects across India. SankalpTaru works with an ambitious goal to plant and care for trees across the nation. Our foundation aims to create an unprecedented mobilization in favour of the environment. It is inclusive and open to everyone, from governments and businesses to community groups and individuals. SankalpTaru is dedicated to support socio-environmental causes through tree plantation activities. The institution is constantly working for the upliftment of the rural poor in India.

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A/102, Pancharatna CHS, Dr. RadhaKrishna X Roads, Andheri East , Mumbai , Maharashtra 400069 India

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Professional association
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Nationally (across the country)

Where We Started :

At the time of “planetary emergency”, when global warming was widely recognized as the defining issue of our era, SankalpTaru Foundation came into being, to empower the global public, to protect our planet- our home. SankalpTaru Foundation has evolved into an organization of strength that nurses the environment and brings greenery to the areas devoid of it. 

Driven by its mission to use tree planting as an entry point to mobilize community consciousness for self-determination, improved livelihood securities and environmental conservation, SankalpTaru Foundation has empowered thousands of people across India. Our projects directly empower people to work and operate by providing them with long term jobs and better living conditions. The Agroforestry trees planted reap the local workers direct benefits. 

Our efforts through technology have been to brand and market the Corporate sector by applying unique methods of internet marketing, as well as cellular application to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibilities in multiple different methods which not only strengthens the biodiversity but also alleviates poverty and uplifts the economically depressed class, give them new hope.

While our foundation works in various sites across India, it is organized in cyberspace. A handful of staff with few resources, but a great deal of passion and dedication, has been able to coordinate this enormous effort thanks to the technology. SankalpTaru Foundation aims to tie two extremely vast sectors yet utmost necessary Nature and Technology into a tight knit. Our online portal is to help professionals to not only be humane about giving back life to Nature, but also aims to form a strong bond through our tracking tools, and tree profiles with the help of our state of the art patented GPS satellite technology. 

It is an initiative to link people, trees and the environment.

SankalpTaru is on the mission to create a cleaner, greener and better planet. To achieve this, we believe in planting trees in those areas that are devoid of them. Along with our greening efforts, we strive to uplift and assist the rural communities of these areas. 

SankalpTaru is also working towards the educational development of students in various schools across India and spreading environmental awareness among them.

We at SankalpTaru aspire to bring people, trees and the environment closer through technology. We provide our planters an online platform to plant and care for trees and at the same time support socio- environmental causes. We endeavour to provide convenience, transparency and clarity through our online platform and technological innovations.

We aim at spreading awareness among the individuals and the corporates.

Our vision is to develop a lush-green and a bio-diverse sustainable world for the future generations.

We intend to create a world where everyone is actively involved in planting trees, which would become a home for a rich biodiversity, control the climate changes and would bring economic sustainability to poor rural communities. We are working towards creating a perfect blend of activities to bring to the world, a multipurpose programme running on a cutting edge technological platform.

To take a step ahead, we invite more corporates and individuals to join hands with us in initiatives that make a concrete difference to the environment, rural livelihoods and the education of children.