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  • SAS - Heavy Duty Crushing Forks

    SAS - Heavy Duty Crushing Forks

    Utilizing the similar engineering features of our proven 15' SAS FORKS™, we have developed a superior strength fork that is made to handle the tough use on a daily basis in auto salvage operations, scrapers, and contract crushers. These are available in 5 styles and have various customizable features to best fit your operation.

  • SAS - Railroad Coupler

    SAS - Railroad Coupler

    Move Railcars Safely And Without Damage! SAS Rail Car Attachments provide secure attachment between the railcar and the wheel loader to allow railcars to be moved along side tracks to cargo loading areas.

  • SAS - Rake Fork

    SAS - Rake Fork

    Keep your revenue up with clean material moving out! SAS™ RAKE FORKS minimizes unwanted gravel and dirt up during transfer. Series of fork tines allows operator to pick up irregular shaped materials. Metal Recyclers: Load scrap steel, white goods and loose sheet metal into crushers and bailers by avoiding undesirable dirt which downgrades your recycling revenue. Landscapers: Confidently feed chippers with brush, branches and scrap pallets. CLEAN...

  • SAS - Adjustable Forks

    SAS - Adjustable Forks

    ONE set of forks to handle all your material handling needs. Handling basic pallets, containers, implement equipment, pipe and other materials. EASY ADJUSTMENT with integrated SAS™ Ratchet Rail* to position forks for best versatility needed for many worksite applications. Provide the proper balance for wide loads. Fork spacing from 2' to 260'available. PRECISION FABRICATED direct pin mounting or quick attach bracket mount available for any make...