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  • Intake & Cleaning Machinery

  • Model SCA - Closed Circuit Aspirator

    Model SCA - Closed Circuit Aspirator

    The Satake Closed Circuit Aspirator SCA provides for the efficient, controlled separation of light impurities from cereals. Three inlet options enable a standalone application as well as compatibility with a Milling Separator or a Scouring Machine. Whether installed at the grain intake point or integrated into cereal cleaning system, the Satake SCA creates significant savings in energy, space and...

  • Model SGA - Gravity Selector & Destoner

    Model SGA - Gravity Selector & Destoner

    The Satake Gravity Selector is used for the separation of light and heavy materials from grain. The machine also sorts the grain in to heavy and light fractions. The machine can also be used for separation of other products such as wheat flakes, peanuts and in the seed cleaning industry.

  • Model SHSA - Horizontal Scourer

    Model SHSA - Horizontal Scourer

    The Satake Horizontal Scourer SHSA has been engineered to provide a thorough scouring and impacting effect on grain and is used in various places within grain cleaning plants. The machine will effectively remove outer husks and crease dirt by its intense scouring action and will reduce in size and therefore remove through the sieve apertures any mudballs, small friable seed impurities and...

  • Rice Polishing Machine

    Rice Polishing Machine

    The Satake Polishing Machine has been specially developed to meet rice millers demands for better rice, better in appearance, quality and storability. Ordinary rice whitening machines damage the surface of milled rice. Through application of humidity controlled air during the whitening process and the new technology developed by Satake, these surface damages are cured and corrected.

  • Model VTA - Pulse & Cereal Dehuller

    Model VTA - Pulse & Cereal Dehuller

    The Satake Pulse Dehuller Type VTA is a high capacity machine designed for the removal of hulls and husks from a range of pulse products including lentils, chickpeas, lupines and barley. The machine is exceptionally hard wearing and is designed for trouble free 24 hour operation.

  • PeriTec - Wheat Debranning System

    PeriTec - Wheat Debranning System

    PeriTec is a unique process, developed by Satake, which can be utilised in the cereal milling industry for applications such as debranning wheat, dehulling barley and degerming maize. The PeriTec process sequentially removes the outer kernel bran layers prior to milling or subsequent processing, which optimises the yield and reduces the amount of bran contamination in the finished product. The equipment used in the PeriTec process is able to...

  • Model VBF - Maize/Corn Degermer

    Model VBF - Maize/Corn Degermer

    The new Satake VBF series of vertical maize (corn) degerming machines incorporate the most advanced techniques and has proved to be superior to other machines in maize degerming mills throughout the world. The versatility of the VBF for decorticating and degerming of all kernels makes it the ideal machine for modern maize mills.