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  • White Milled Peat

    White Milled Peat

    White milled peat – peat crumbles of different sizes and forms which are extracted by using the peat milling method. The weighted average diameter of the milled peat varies from 5-6 to 26-60 mm. Milled peat contains plant fibres, which greatly improve the water and air circulation in the soil. Milled peat contains such nutrients as humic acids (which specifically encourage active growth of the plants) and special elements – nitrogen,...

  • Block Peat

    Block Peat

    Block peat is extracted mechanically by cutting peat blocks out of the bog. Our company uses two methods for block peat extraction.  We extract the largest part of the block peat by cutting it out from the bog  with specifically equipped excavators. The dimensions of the blocks are then15х25х45 cm. We also extract the block peat by using a special machine  called «steba ». With this method the dimensions of the...