We are a company that have enjoyed 15 years of achievement as flowers grower, SAVISA has more than 74 acres of continuous flowers production in Ecuador, our main product for the first 8 years was Gypsophilia Perfects, in 1998 we started our product diversification and at the present time we can offer our customers a full variety of fillers like: Millon Star, Perfects, New Love, Party Time, Millon Tinted, Liatris, Sunflower, Limonium, Asters, Spray Aster, Solidago, Mollucela, Statice Delphinium Hybrid. During these years, we have experienced Doth very successful time as well as difficult times, especially with changing market tendencies. To face this changing and increasing global market, we are making strategic decisions throughout our internal restructuring process. We have developed planning systems and a very efficient quality control, achieving a steady and reliable production during the entire year.

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1652 y la Pinta , Quito , Ecuador

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

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Our Mission is always maintaining our long-held beliefs in keeping up with change, honesty, integrity, and hard work and giving to our customer the best product, working with high quality  standards, value and personalized sen/ice. For these reason we can assure you that your business success is also ours.