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  • SCAFCO - Farm Grain Bins and Silos

    SCAFCO - Farm Grain Bins and Silos

    Perfect for on-farm applications and small silos, SCAFCO's farm bins and silos range from 12' to 48' (3.66 m to 14.63 m) in diameter. Our steel sheets are pre-punched in a single-stroke operation assuring accurate hole alignment and uniform fit. In addition, SCAFCO's unique 42 and 2/3' (1.08 m) galvanized steel sheets have a 2 and 2/3' pitch and 1/2' (67.7 mm x 12.7 mm) deep corrugation, making them substantially stronger than the competitors'...

  • SCAFCO - Hopper Bottom Bins & Silos

    SCAFCO - Hopper Bottom Bins & Silos

    SCAFCO hopper-bottom bin/silos offer the advantages of complete bin and silo cleanout and lower material handling costs. Our sturdy design and quality materials, including SCAFCO's standard 2 2/3' (67 mm) pitch corrugated steel wall sheets, make our product stronger and more durable than ordinary hopper bins/silos. SCAFCO can also use its wide range of features and options to custom-create bins and silos tailored to your needs.

  • SCAFCO - Aggregate Storage Silos

    SCAFCO - Aggregate Storage Silos

    Aggregate storage silos are a great solution to projects that require economical, space saving storage for earthen products. Aggregate silos can be used as a cost-effective solution for storage of material for concrete batch plants, ore for mines, or as a simple solution for sand and rock storage where space is at a premium.

  • SCAFCO  - Commercial Grain Bins & Silos

    SCAFCO - Commercial Grain Bins & Silos

    SCAFCO commercial grain bins and silos offer many outstanding strength and durability features. Wide corrugated steel sheets manufactured from high- strength steel, heavy-duty galvanized steel stiffeners, and strong box-rib roofs are some of the quality features available.Our complete line of commercial bins and silos is available in diameters from 15 ' (4.57 m) to over 138' (42.06 m). Extra-tall sizes are available in all diameters. SCAFCO also has a...

  • Bin Jacks

  • SCAFCO - Roof Jacks

    SCAFCO - Roof Jacks

    Standard Roof Jacks are capable of lifting 6’ 9” to 12’ 0” (2.06 m to 3.66 m) high and can handle roofs of 12’ to 30’ (3.66 m to 9.14 m) diameter. Optional long center pipe adds 4’ 0” (1.22 m) to standard height to lift up to 48’ (14.63 m) diameter roofs. Positive chain lock allows roof arm weldments to be adjusted to safely fit different size peak rings. Optional Wide Ring Arm Weldment is also...