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  • Flail Mowers

  • Model FM42 - Flail Mower

    Model FM42 - Flail Mower

    A powerful and strong, towed, long grass cutter with a working width of 1070mm (42'). This unit is ideal for maintaining rough grassed areas, pasture land, woodland etc. A one piece roller mounted at the rear of the cutter alleviates scalping. The throttle control and safety engine emergency stop switch can be easily reached from the tractor seat. The 42 cutting flails are driven by two 'V' belts powered by a 9Hp Honda engine with electric start....

  • Model FM48 HD 48in - Flail Mower

    Model FM48 HD 48in - Flail Mower

    The heavy duty flail mower has been introduced to the range of SCH equipment to fulfil the need for a bigger unit for greater Hp tractors (18Hp and above). The main two differences between our small unit, the FM42 are firstly that it has a wider cut and secondly it has a centre positioned 13Hp Honda engine with electric start. This increase in engine size can more than adequately cope with the increased cutting width.