Schlagel Manufacturing Inc is an agriculture equipment manufacturer we specialize in strip-till systems, planter closing wheels, grapple forks and gopher eliminators. We have in house engineers, full welding and machine shop and the only laser cutter in the area for all your repairs and custom projects.

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4154 Buttermilk Road , Torrington , Wyoming 82240 USA

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Plowing a field of corn stalks on his Torrington, Wyoming farm, Ron Schlagel thought to himself, 'Why am I doing this?' He started to remember all the problems he was causing himself. Plowing was just the beginning of a series of tillage steps needed to prepare the soil for planting. Even when the crop was in the ground he left himself wide open to wind and water erosion. Ron knew there had to be a better way. He began to experiment with minimum tillage and tried several different methods without success. Schlagel Mfg. began out of necessity as Ron Schlagel worked to design a machine that would create a perfect seedbed and apply fertilizer in a single pass in a variety of soil types and conditions. Using his personal knowledge and experience, Ron created the Till-N-Plant.

The Till-N-Pant strip tills in front of a row crop planter. Each row on the Till-N-Pant has a large flat coulter to cut trash, followed by a tillage shank and two wavy coulters positioned behind and to either side of the shank. A rolling basket follows to break up clods and firm up the seed bed. To ensure the planter follows the strip tilled, shanks are positioned behind the drive tires of the tilling tractor. The two mono rib gauge wheels create a 'V' mark that the planter tractor follows. This design proved to be very successful. Friends soon wanted Ron to build them a Till-N-Plant. Schlagel Mfg. Inc. was formed in 1993.

The company has grown rapidly and our product lines have expanded to include: Planter Caddies, Posi Close Wheels, the Bumper Hoist, Rapid Till & Rapid Till HD, Grapple Forks, bale handling equipment, along with other specialized equipment to meet the needs of farms, ranchers and construction workers.

Services include repairs and repair parts for agriculture equipment, fabrication and machining. The facility houses a full service CNC machine and metal working shop equipped with the latest technology and the personnel to take any project from design to finish.