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  • Model HP-1000 - Heavy Packer System

    Model HP-1000 - Heavy Packer System

    Built Heavy and Tough. Custom Widths Available. Spring-Loaded Rear Cages. Folding wings on certain models. S-tines in front of cone shaped marker.

  • Posi - Close Planter Wheels

    Posi - Close Planter Wheels

    Common rubber wheels are normally associated with the seed trench crusting and baking, or simply opening back up when they are used in wet soil. This is by far the most common complaint from farmers using traditional wheels. Posi-Close Planter Wheels will leave soft mulch on top of the seedbed to prevent crusting and baking. Posi Close Wheels will not leave any smearing or extreme compaction which is always coupled with use of regular rubber wheels....

  • No-Till Gauge Wheels

    No-Till Gauge Wheels

    Open design with open spoke and horizontal fingers allows debris and wet soil to escape while offering a significant performance increase in muddy soil. No-Till Gauge Wheels work excellently while being used behind a fertilizer opener.

  • Schlagel - Model TILL-N-PLANT 2B - Heavy Duty Strip Till Unit

    Schlagel - Model TILL-N-PLANT 2B - Heavy Duty Strip Till Unit

    The Till-N-Plant 'series 2' row unit was completely redesigned for the 2007 season.  We reworked some areas of the unit and now believe we have the best row unit we have ever had!  They are even tougher than the previous unit and easily adjustable to get the job done the way you want it to be done. The unit's down-pressure is adjusted by moving one rod.  The front flat coulter depth is adjusted with one bolt.  The wavy coulters and...

  • Model PC-4000 - Planter Caddy

    Model PC-4000 - Planter Caddy

    This is the newest member of the Schlagel product line.  Customer interest in the PC-4000 Series Planter Caddy has made its future appear very promising.  We offer  Two-Wheel, Four-Wheel, & Six-Wheel Planter Caddies in 22', 30', 36' and 38' row spacing. The PC-4000 will carry our Till-N-Plant and your planter all in one machine - for a true 'one-pass' tilling and planting operation. The two-wheel caddy (Model # PC-4200) is designed...

  • Disc Heavy Packer System

    Disc Heavy Packer System

    Heavy Packer for disks, field cultivatiors & other tillage implements: Built Heavy and Tough. Custom Widths Available. Spring-Loaded Rear Cages. 180 deg. folding wings on certain models.

  • Model GE-1000 - Gopher Eliminator

    Model GE-1000 - Gopher Eliminator

    The Gopher Eliminator is built with larger tractors in mind but will work fine on smaller tractors as well.  It has category 2 & 3 three point hookups, a well built frame, and all the components to withstand the horsepower of larger tractors. The Gopher Eliminator is built with a 22' diameter flat coulter to cut trash and roots.  The shank is constructed of 3/4' plate and has a soil-shattering, hard-surfaced point. This replaceable point...

  • Model GF-2000  - Grapple Fork

    Model GF-2000 - Grapple Fork

    The newly designed GF-2000 Series heavy duty Grapple Fork are built to withstand the abuse that today’s heavy loaders can dish out.  The GF-2000 Grapple Fork is a multi-use grapple capable of gently grasping hay bales or aggressively handling trees, cement and debris.  It is constructed of heavy-walled square tubing for durability and long life.  Thick 1” steel teeth are strong and have shear bolts for added...

  • Model BH-1000E - Bumper Hoist

    Model BH-1000E - Bumper Hoist

    The BH-1000E Quik-Lift Bumper Hoist is a unique and durable machine that is capable of lifting up to 1000 lbs and simply and neatly folds down into the bumper when not in use.  Its hydraulic system consists of a 12V dc electric/hydraulic pump with mounted solenoid control valve.  (Note: this pump can be remotely mounted if interference is encountered.)  Operation of the hoist is simple with a hand held control unit with buttons for...