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  • Feed Systems

  • Model KKP - Box Tipper

    Model KKP - Box Tipper

    The Schouten KKP box tipper can be used with various sizes of box and features box-friendly operation. Thanks to the automatic hydraulic recoil brake, rearward movement is controlled, preventing damage to your boxes. The new, extended forward rotation angle (170°) makes it possible to tip boxes further forward into a truck or bunker. Because the Schouten KKP moves automatically back to its lowest position (at fork height), boxes can be changed...

  • Model DK - Feeding Tipper

    Model DK - Feeding Tipper

    The Schouten DK feeding tipper ensures a consistent product feed as well as perfect product handling. Before the box is tilted, it is lifted against a moving PVC belt, which tilts along with the box. The box empties because it is gradually and step by step pushed upwards against the belt which is turning alongside it. This movement is controlled by a sensor above the outlet from the discharge bin to the transfer belt. As soon as the sensor has not...

  • Model KDC - Combi Tipper Feed Conveyor

    Model KDC - Combi Tipper Feed Conveyor

    The Schouten tipper feed conveyor Combi KDC - which includes a hydraulic tipper - ensures a consistent feed to your grading or processing line while reducing drop heights. The feed conveyor is controlled by means of a detection sensor and fully equipped with roller support to ensure a longer life. This Schouten combination is available in several versions and can always be used in a stand-alone configuration. The dosing conveyor can be supplied in...

  • Product Cleaning

  • Model LS - Haulm Separator

    Model LS - Haulm Separator

    Using the Schouten LS Haulm Separator ensures that haulm and soil are effectively removed from your products. Unnecessary filling of the grading sieves with haulm is avoided, preventing undue wear and tear on the grading installation.

  • Model KS - Clod Separators

    Model KS - Clod Separators

    With the Schouten KS clod separator your can be sure of the effective separation of clods and stones from undersized ware and small seed potatoes. A feeder conveyor with a broad profile ensures that the clods and stones are immobilised before they bounce onto a large roller, which rotates against the drop direction of the product. The potatoes fall further from the roller, whereas the clods are immobilized. The double funnel collects the separated...

  • Transport and Storage

  • Model TB - Loading Elevator

    Model TB - Loading Elevator

    Schouten conveyor belts are available as flat conveyor belts, troughed conveyor belts, loading elevators and vertical transport systems. ROLLER SUPPORT, FABRIC-REINFORCED CATCH PLATES AND A RECOIL BRAKE ENSURE THAT THE LOADING ELEVATOR HAS A LONG LIFE. The loading elevator features a feed chute and a movable base with a control slide, enabling the manual feeding of a consecutive machine. The lowest 120cm incorporates roller support, and the elevator...

  • Pre-Grading

  • Model SMA - Single or Double Pregrading Machine

    Model SMA - Single or Double Pregrading Machine

    A sorting installation incorporating a single or double pregrading machine that separates the undersized and/or oversized elements from the main product, leaves you free to concentrate on a thorough inspection of the prime grades.

  • Model SVS - Pre-Grading Machines

    Model SVS - Pre-Grading Machines

    Schouten SVS pre-grading machines are ideally suited for high-capacity barn storage; they feature the precision and product-friendliness for which the shock grading machines are well known.