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  • Cardinal - Super Swing Away

    Cardinal - Super Swing Away

    Cardinal Farm has revolutionized the swing away auger with the all NEW Patent Pending Super Swing Away. The Super Swing Away hopper design resolves the harvest time problem of today’s farms without the need of double-jointed inclines or wireless cameras. The Super Swing Away is built for simplicity and cost effectiveness allowing the farmer to fold the hopper at its joint with the incline tube. This simple joint allows the hopper to roll under a...

  • Cardinal - Bucket Elevators

    Cardinal - Bucket Elevators

    Galvanized Steel Sheet: All galvanized steel sheet construction. Mechanically Fastened & Sealed: Mechanically fastened and sealed leg sections. Precision Gear Reduction: Precision gear reduction drive units. Serviceable Self Aligning Bearings: Serviceable self aligning bearings on all shafts. Hot Dip Galvanized Structure: Hot dip Galvanized structural steel service platforms. OSHA approved cages and ladders for safe maintenance of head systems.

  • Cardinal - U-Trough

    Cardinal - U-Trough

    Different Size: 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 11 inch and 13 inch Available. For Single Drive Needs 15': For single drive needs 15'. Hinged Inclinde Sections Available: hinged inclinde sections available. Typical Chain Reducer: Typical chain reducer drive unit. Typical Gear Reducer: Typical gear reducer drive unit.