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  • AquaSure - Circular Plastic Aquaculture Cages

    AquaSure - Circular Plastic Aquaculture Cages

    Seafarm Systems specialises in circular plastic cages, ranging from 30 metre circumference with 220 metre circumference being the largest to date. Our Aquasure seacages are located in over ten countries around the world. Their construction is designed to flex with the forces of the sea, providing a robust platform with easy access but with increased strength to withstand the rigors of more exposed waters.

  • AquaMoor - Mooring Systems

    AquaMoor - Mooring Systems

    Seafarm Systems has many years of experience in the supply and installation of all types of mooring systems, from aquaculture farms to single boat moorings.

  • Airfoss  - Collection Systems

    Airfoss - Collection Systems

    Airfoss is a complete solution for the collection of dead fish. We offer 2 different collection systems, the S-system which is a specially designed heavy duty system for collection of dead fish from large, deep net cages and a more traditional A-system for collection of dead fish from net cages with small to medium sized nets.

  • Aquatruck  - High Density Polyethylene Boat (HDPE)

    Aquatruck - High Density Polyethylene Boat (HDPE)

    AquaTruck workboats are designed to work in the harshest conditions. The all High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) extrusion welded material is exceptionally strong.  All hulls are fully framed and ribbed providing a strong rigid platform and it is not affected by saltwater, oil or fuel.  It won’t rot, rust or be attacked by marine organisms.  The all black material has UV resistance to give an extended lifetime. With foam filled...

  • Fabricated Plastic Products

    Fabricated Plastic Products

    Seafarm Systems supplies a wide range of stock items for use by the aquaculture industry. Our product lines include:

  • SFS Navaids - Navigation Marking Lights

    SFS Navaids - Navigation Marking Lights

    The Nordlight product range includes marking lights and accessories for marking lights as well as solar panel equipment, light towers, light buoys, GPS-synchronizing, surveillance software and AIS navigation equipment. All the products in the Nordlight series have been developed for navigation around and marking of fish farms. The products are designed to have low maintenance requirements and a long life, and are compliant with the requirements...