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Seafood Intelligence is an exclusive subscription-based international economic & market intelligence news & information portal aimed at all the stakeholders of the global seafood sector. There are currently ~34,200 articles (July 2013) in the Seafood News Database, which are multi-indexed & fully searchable, using hundreds of keywords (by species, industry sectors, themes, countries, etc.); or by carrying a more specific search.

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Bertrand Charron Editorial Services, Jourchanne , Chassignolles , 43440 43440 France

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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Globally (various continents)

Foremost, SeafoodIntelligence strives to help filling the 'knowledge gap' and enable access to reliable, objective, and up-to-date information (while highlighting differences of opinions) re. the global aquaculture & fisheries industries and sustainable seafood trends. Due to the many conflicting views re. aquatic natural resources management, we try to highlight multi-stakeholder processes aiming to conserve our oceans, guide sustainable seafood production/purchasing, and promote sustainable aquaculture & fisheries, NGO & corporate transparency, in order to create a level 'playing field'. We keep our readers daily informed of political, environmental, lobbying, fisheries management and scientific news - as well as global consumer, marketing, food security trends & regulatory/legal issues - in the very broad realm of freshwater/marine fisheries/aquaculture & seafood. We thus try to 'bridge the gap' between the various entities and readerships which - if they stuck to reading solely 'pro-industry' or 'pro-environment' news and views wouldn't be as aware of the broad and complex web of issues at stake in the various domains ranging from ocean conservancy and relevant international politics to seafood production, trade and business.

We thus aim, among other things, to back the 'market transformation' of the aquaculture/salmon industry by highlighting the sustainability issues and challenges it faces. We strive to monitor the various dynamics which will ultimately make the salmon farming industry environmentally more sustainable, and more transparent and accountable to their stakeholders (including the public). To assist in this endeavour, we have developed a benchmarking method to measure the yearly achievements and deficiencies of the global farmed salmon sector when it comes to Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) with a strong focus on the 'Environment/Sustainability' dimension (thus... 'CSER')' and as such we aim to assist the industry players leading in 'sustainability' - small & large - and their stakeholders in their fast-moving journey towards attaining/comforting a 'responsible farming' position.

Another goal/endeavour is to have established a comprehensive & constantly updated News database, cross-referencing & indexing the tens of thousands of articles for the various stakeholders, analysts and researchers to consult, search & retrieve, now & a posteriori; and keep a chronological/historical record of stakeholders’ respective positions & statements (+/- edited).

Our seafood intelligence results from the collection & analysis of business and competitive information through legal and ethical methods. Seafood intelligence monitors global media publications & broadcasts, trade journals, SEC & other stock exchange filings, academic journals, R&D organisations' & governmental communications, specialised & international databases, price & import/exports fluctuations, has contacts & interviews with industry/NGO decision/campaign-makers, politicians and officials, etc. While most other sources of information in this sector come from trade media who often depict critics as 'enviros', we consider ourselves as independent; and strive to give an objective, comprehensive and speedily updated (often with breaking news) coverage of all issues of relevance to seafood and marine resources stakeholders; covering to the best of our abilities all viewpoints to the benefit of decision-makers and in the pursuit of shifting towards more sustainable seafood and fisheries.

Key clients include C-Suite executives in the realm of fisheries & aquaculture/salmon farming, government & international agencies officials, academics/universities/scientists, marketers & consultants, environmental NGOs/activists, Foundations, industry organisations/leaders, aquatic science professionals, banking & insurance professionals. was the official & exclusive media partner of the 2007 World Seafood Congress in Dublin, Ireland. We were also Media Partners for the first two years of the Seafood Summit (Jacksonville, Florida/USA & Barcelona, Spain) organised by the Seafood Choices Alliance, a SeaWeb programme. ( Members of the following national & international organisations can avail of special discounts for news subscriptions: International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade (IIFET); the North American Association of Fisheries Economists (NAAFE), the US National Shellfisheries Association (NSA), the European Aquaculture Society (EAS), the Seafood Choices Alliance, etc...