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  • Shellquip - Automatic Oyster Grading Systems

    Shellquip - Automatic Oyster Grading Systems

    Shellquip oyster grading systems are a reliable proven way to improve your business. It takes around 13 hand graders to match the Shellquip grader. Automatically - separate, clean, measure, sort, count and bag. Fast - 1200 to 2000 dozen oysters per hour. Accurate - 99% counting accuracy -more consistent than hand grading. Gentle - oysters sorted by cushions of air. Studies confirm more gentle on oysters than hand grading. Versatile - with a wide range...

  • Shellquip - Shaker Graders

    Shellquip - Shaker Graders

    Range of sizes for spat and juveniles. Standard 2 and 3 tier models currently available. Stainless steel construction with shaker speed adjustment.

  • Shellquip - Oyster Bagger

    Shellquip - Oyster Bagger

    Increase the speed and accuracy of your oyster basket filling with a Shellquip Oyster Bagger. Oyster Baggers spit out a predetermined volume of oysters with each pull of the handle, and with 4 interchangeable heads to choose from, you can select for any volume between 0.1L to 10L.