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  • Tank

  • Model 800  - Tank

    Model 800 - Tank

    This tank holds up to 800 bushels, divided among four smaller tanks, allowing you to manage different combinations of seed and fertilizer and helping you get through the day with fewer fills.

  • Toolbar

  • Model XL - Toolbar

    Model XL - Toolbar

    The Seed Hawk XL Toolbar features the precision of Sectional Control® Technology and Seed Hawk's industry-leading opener assemblies. Constructed with %-inch thick high tensile steel. Seed Hawk uses triangulation to provide load sharing across the width of the toolbar frame. The XL Toolbar is built strong enough to be 85 feet wide and tough enough to pull a 980 bushel tank behind it.

  • Model 45 - Toolbar

    Model 45 - Toolbar

    The 45 Series Toolbar combines the efficiency and precision of Sectional Control® Technology and industry leading precision opener assemblies-Constructed with V* -inch thick high tensile steel, the frame features a symmetrical design to reduce flexing, improve strength and make seed placement more precise. The 45 Toolbar has a narrow 15-foot, 11-inch folded width and low profile, so it goes where wider transport units can't.

  • Seeder

  • Model 30 Series  - Seed Drill Systems

    Model 30 Series - Seed Drill Systems

    The Seed Hawk 30 Series brings precision seeding to smaller farms and mixed-farming operations, where larger drills are impractical. Regardless of the diversity of your crops, the 30 Series offers the same legendary seed and fertilizer placement as large-scale Seed Hawk Seed Drill Systems, in a compact combination of tank and toolbar.

  • Planters

  • Tempo  - Model 6 & 8 - Planter

    Tempo - Model 6 & 8 - Planter

    When you need to get a move on planting, the Tempo Planter can handle the pressure. Designed in 6 row and 8 row options, this soybean and corn planter works at up to 10.5 miles per hour in almost all field conditions, helping you cover more ground when time is at a premium. Tempo planters of all sizes feature our patented electric drive seed meter and positive air pressure for precision planting, more even maturation and higher yield.

  • Tillage

  • Model Carrier and Carrier X  - Tillage Equipment

    Model Carrier and Carrier X - Tillage Equipment

    Carrier and Carrier X are built for flexibility and durability. This tillage equipment is ideal for conditions ranging from heavy stubble to tilled fields. Whether creating a seedbed with ultra-shallow cultivation, incorporating fertilizer or efficiently working large amounts of harvest trash, Carrier and Carrier X are the best tools for a wide range of jobs.

  • Carrier  - Model L and XL - Tillage Equipment

    Carrier - Model L and XL - Tillage Equipment

    The latest versions of Carrier tillage, Carrier L and Carrier XL are built with a focus on flexibility, greater capacity and durability. These models feature larger disc sizes, ideal for managing heavy trash. They also feature adjustable disc angles and larger toolbar sizes, making for tillage equipment that is easily adapted to a wide range of conditions.