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Sempre Abril SL designs and manufactures deterrent devices to keep away starlings, pigeons, doves, turtledoves, gulls, etc., avoiding their landing into agricultural holdings, farms or cattle feed. All EOLO devices work by wind action, and they are resistant to inclement weather, and they fight birds with ecologic criteria.

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Eolo Hawk Scarecrow

The EOLO Hawk Scarecrow, simulates the flight of a bird of prey like a hawk. It's made with technical fabrics and is intended to cover professional agricultural fields of any kind of crops such as vineyards, orchards, fruit trees, cereals, farms, cattle feed and seed silos.

It's made by technical fabric with UV protection, the Eolo Hawk comes equipped with a telescopic mast of 5 or 7mts. and an invisible monofilament to flyes from 10 to 12 meters high, simulating a bird of prey, projecting the shadow of its silhouette at great distances being able to carry out pest control actions.