Founded in 1939 by Max Seppi and specializing in the manufacture of mulching mowers since 1971, SEPPI M. company is now one of the foremost manufacturer in its sector - not only in Italy, but throughout the world. Since its early days SEPPI`s motto was to help farmers improve their work with innovative yet easy to handle and highly efficient equipment. That`s why up to these days SEPPI is committed to offer only the best equipment, whether for agriculture, forestry, greenspace maintenance or for the energy and construction industry. Decades of experience and tireless research for continuously improving technologies and materials guarantee products of the highest quality which will provide unrivalled service even in hard conditions.

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Zona Artigianale, 1 , Caldaro (BZ) , 39052 Italy

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The SEPPI M. company is founded by Max Seppi in Appiano, province of Bolzano, Italy. Just a few years earlier Max, a simple yet talented boy from a moutain village had moved down to Appiano to learn the profession of a blacksmith. With his own little enterprise he achieved his dream of independent work. He was solving all sorts of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical questions - always putting forth new ideas.


After WWII the company increasingly concentrates on the production of agricultural machines for orchards and vineyards. 'To facilitate the work of farmers through innovative machines' was the philosophy already in those days.


First rotary mowers built. Other machines built in those days include saws, wood processing machines, machines for wineries.


Short after his entry in the company, Luciano Seppi, Max's son, starts building the first mulchers with hammers on a rotor. Since these mulchers are so successful, the little company increasingly focusses on them.


First participation to the international trade fair EIMA in Bologna, Italy.

First mulchers working in Germany. In the following years exports to the USA, to Australia and to more and more other countries... from the narrow street of Vicolo del Sole, in Appiano.

Transfer to the new premises in Appiano, on the well connected main road know as the Wine Road.

Luciano Seppi develops the first forestry rotor. From now on SEPPI M. concentrates on producing mulchers only.
The company buys new premises in Caldaro, just 3 km from the headquarter.

First prototype of the MIDIPIERRE stone crusher.


After building new and bigger plants in Caldaro, the company is ready to move the entire business activity there.


Celebration of the 60th company anniversary with modernised production equipment.


SEPPI M. wins the prestigious export prize of the province of Bolzano, as a reward for their considerable efforts in exporting.


Extension of the plant in Caldaro to face the ever increasing demand for SEPPI products.


40 years since SEPPI's first flail mulcher!


SEPPI M. are celebrating their 75th anniversary with a big variety of new and innovative products that will be presented at the trade expositions throughout the year. Among the news the STARSOIL, the new MAXIFORST, the new BMS and much more...