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SePRO Corporation

SePRO is a research-based life sciences company providing innovative products and services for specialty environmental and human health markets worldwide. SePRO Corporation is dedicated to discovering and developing sustainable solutions for specialty markets. Founded in 1994, our mission is to provide plant protection and plant management products and services that fit specialized market needs. We acquire, develop, manufacture, and market value-added products and services that satisfy the unique needs of our customers. In addition, SePRO has partnered with several of the top agriculture companies to develop technologies for use in our key markets.

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11550 North Meridian Street, Suite 600 , Carmel , Indiana 46032 USA

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Agriculture - Agriculture Science and Research
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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SePRO has won industry recognition as the preeminent leader in the aquatics industry and as a vital player in professional turf, horticulture and landscape markets.  Now, the company is starting to enter specialized markets in the life sciences.  Most recently, SePRO has ventured into the pharmaceutical area by forming ParaPRO, LLC.  ParaPRO launched its first FDA-approved prescription medication for head lice.

With solid relations already forged with some of the world’s leading product innovators will lead toward still more varied horizons.  Wherever traditional or bio-rational chemistry can meet a small but vital need, SePRO will be looking to deliver the solution in an ultimately effective and economically viable way.


Solving Specialty Problems In a Mass-Market World.

Today's ever-increasing concentration on big markets and big profits raises a crucial question. Can any company effectively meet the critical needs of more limited yet still important markets? The answer is yes. And the company is SePRO Corporation. Formed in 1993, SePRO focuses on acquiring, developing, manufacturing, and marketing value-added products for such specialty applications as aquatics and horticulture. The result: highly effective solutions and services never before available to these smaller markets.

Refining Quality Solutions. To eliminate burdensome start-up discovery costs, SePRO focuses on already developed chemical compounds. Using its expertise in niche markets-and in managing regulatory labeling issues-the company revitalizes so-called 'marginal' products and streamlines the launching of new ones. From achieving prompt regulatory approval to putting the right distribution and market communications in place, SePRO brings life to more-user-responsive, more-user-friendly specialty products. 

Partnering With Customers. Many companies claim to partner with customers...but seem to treat them as silent partners. At SePRO, partnering with customers means listening... really listening...and doing everything possible to understand and respond to customer needs. It means such things as routinely talking one-on-one with a rose grower about a problem in his greenhouse....or accompanying an aquatics applicator to a meeting with lake property owners. And, it's amazing what can be accomplished without big company channels, politics, and complexities. When SePRO recognizes an opportunity, its has all the resources and nimbleness necessary to quickly and efficiently meet a need and bring a solution to market. 

Insisting on Excellence. Producing high-quality value-added specialty products is at the core of SePRO's approach. This goal requires utilizing only the most qualified manufacturing resources...only the finest chemical ingredients, such as pharmaceutical intermediaries...and only processes and techniques that assure the highest product purity at the best price. The same commitment to excellence applies to respectng the environment and continuously working to protect the safety and health of both workers and plants. 

Getting Involved On A People-To-People Basis. Insightful innovation and a great business plan can give any entrepreneurial enterprise a significant competitive edge. But, in the final analysis, to bring a superior level of service to markets, a company must first-of-all be people-oriented.

Growing With People Who Know. SePRO's people orientation begins inside. It's a company made up of recognized and dedicated industry experts with decades of experience. These are people with superior specialty product knowledge and a desire to share their knowledge with customers. SePRO people live and breathe this business. They know it, and they love it. And that makes a difference in what they do everyday. 

Taking Customer Service Personally. Many companies view customer service as the job of the sales force. At SePRO, customer service is everyone's job. Backing products with 'no-hassle' technical assistance comes from treating customer inquiries on our 800 number as a top priority. It comes from returning calls at home on weekends and fielding thousands of homeowners' questions about weeds in their ponds and lakes. It comes from working...and, when needed, answer even the most difficult inquiries as accurately and promptly as possible. And it comes from producing application guides, how-to videos, a comprehensive web site, and a whole range of additional give customers easy and complete access to expertise and information on proper usage of SePRO products. 

Playing A Leading Industry Role. To SePRO, customer involvement also includes supporting customer industries. So our people actively participate in industry organizations, maintain close ties with university experts, and help lead the way in shaping governmental policies that affect our customers. This close involvement positions SePRO to serve as a positive advocate for customers...and to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies.

Staying Open To Fresh Ideas And New Challenges. Not resting on its laurels, SePRO is moving constantly ahead with an even greater focus on finding new and better ways to serve customers.

Searching Out New Opportunities. In just a few years, SePRO has won industry recognition as the preeminent leader in aquatics and as a vital player in horticulture markets. Now, the company is starting to enter specialized markets in the life sciences. And, tomorrow, solid relations already forged with some of the world's leading product innovators will lead toward still more varied horizons. Wherever traditional or biorational chemistry can meet a small but vital need, SePRO will be looking for an ownership or licensing deliver the solution in an ultimately effective and economically viable way. 

Continuously Improving What We Do. In addition to capitalizing on new opportunities as they arise, SePRO also constantly strives to add value to its current products. When a customer cited need for a smaller A-Rest* package, the company skipped drawn-out approval processes. A new 21/2-gallon A-Rest* container appeared in just a few months. Similarly, SePRO also introduced a new wide-mouth Sonar* package, simplifying both application and triple rinsing for disposal. Meanwhile, specialists also continuously work to expand usage approvals, creating broadened uses and new markets for SePRO products. 

Adapting To Serve Globalized Needs. As final a part of the effort to meet specialty market needs, SePRO is also expanding its presence in countries around the world. This heightened international perspective has, for example, demonstrated how aquatic plant managers from Brazil and India can get productive ideas from a lake project in Florida. And such shared insights point the way to a future of even better solutions-and better business-for SePRO and the growing list of specialty markets it serves.