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SFM Technology is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of advanced fruit harvesting machines. With over 25 years experience in providing a bespoke design and build service to our many customers around the world, a unique combination of design engineering skills and international fruit harvesting experience enable us to offer customers real choice. Customers are able to choose from a standard range of equipment, ask us to modify machines to meet their specific individual needs or specify fully bespoked machines designed and built ‘from the ground up’.

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9 Bancombe Court , Martock , Somerset TA12 6HB United Kingdom

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

Our roots are grounded in the cider apple harvesting sector which progressively brought our design engineering skills and bespoke solutions to the notice of the wider fruit growing industry, most notably soft fruits. Today, we offer mechanised harvesting solutions to commercial growers of blackcurrants, raspberries, blueberries and rosehips. We have, over the years, expanded our offer to include machinery for the full range of cultivation activities. From ground preparation through crop spraying and pruning, SFM can provide machinery to meet your ‘round-the-year’ needs.

Our flexibility extends to meeting the needs of all sizes of production, from small plantations right through to the largest fruit farms and from the supply of small, pedestrian controlled machines through a variety of different sized tractor attachments to the ultimate fully self propelled, dedicated machines for large acreage production units.

SFM has built its reputation around its innovative culture, design engineering skills and the build quality of our products. Innovation remains the bedrock of our future growth and we will continue to combine our in-house resources with new ideas contributed by our customers to deliver world class fruit harvesting solutions.

Today, our factories located across the UK’s West Country, are equipped with the machines and machine tools necessary to provide in-house design, prototyping, machining and assembly enabling us to have a high degree of control over the full span of design and build stages of all sizes of equipment.

Our business is truly international with key customers in the largest fruit growing areas of the world across Europe, New Zealand, and North America.

In the cider apple growing market we are established as leading suppliers to both growers and cider makers with their own orchards. Our major customers include leading brand cider makers Bulmers, Thatchers and Magners.

Our most important soft fruit machinery sector is blackcurrants, which are principally grown for use in the manufacture of drinks and dairy products such as yoghurts and ice cream as well as pharmaceuticals.

Other soft fruits such as blueberries, raspberries and rose hips are grown in parts of the world which specialise in the commercial production of these fruits. Like blackcurrant's, they are increasingly used commercially in the manufacture of food products and Pharmaceuticals.

SFM Technology intends to remain at the forefront of fruit harvesting machinery development using its in-house design, manufacturing skills and experience and coupled, where required, to the expertise of component suppliers. Amongst these are JCB Power Systems, Eaton, CNH and Denizet. In this way we confidently believe we have a major role to play in the world supply of fruit harvesting machinery in the years ahead.

SFM Technology was founded in 1985 when, the then, Somerset Fruit Machinery Company designed and patented a new type of machine to improve productivity in the harvesting of apples for cider making in Somerset and the South West. The success of this new harvesting machinery enabled the company to grow and it soon became a market leader in the supply of a range of equipment for cider apple orchards across the UK including Herefordshire, Worcestershire and East Anglia. Today, we are one of the world's leading suppliers of fruit spraying and harvesting machinery and equipment. This division of SFM Technology has manufactured and supplied well over 1000 machines in its 28 year history. In the last 10 years alone, SFM has introduced no fewer than 500 new machines which now provide harvesting, spraying and pruning solutions for hard and soft fruits including cider and juicing apples, blackcurrants, blueberries, rose hips, raspberries and other bush soft fruits. Since 2000 SFM has over 20 self propelled soft fruit harvesters and sprayers that are the flagship of the product range.

In November 2008, SFM was invited to present at the First International Blackcurrant Machinery and Equipment Conference held in New Zealand.

SFM was granted the Royal Warrant for Bespoke Manufacturers of Horticultural Equipment in 2011 by HM Queen Elizabeth ll. A plaque of the Royal Warrant was unveiled at our head office in April 2012 by the Queen's representative, the High Sherriff of Somerset.

Today our machinery is well established and respected in many of the world's most important fruit growing countries including New Zealand, Canada, the USA and Europe. Our apple harvesters have recently found new customers in France, where our business is now expanding steadily through a recently formed company, Distribution SFM France Limited.