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  • Apple Harvesting

  • SABRE  - Tractor Mounted Harvester

    SABRE - Tractor Mounted Harvester

    The SABRE is a tractor-mounted attachment specifically designed to collect fruit for use within the cider, apple drinks and apple processing industries. This one-person operated machine is designed to offer high output harvesting whilst minimising damage thus helping to improve quality. The harvested fruit is directed via elevators and conveyors to the rear of the machine where the fruit is discharged into the storage trailer.

  • Hydraulic Tree Shaker

    Hydraulic Tree Shaker

    This tractor mounted attachment provides a quick and effective solution to removing fruit from trees without damage, a one-person operated machine, it is mounted on a tractor's 3-point linkage with the hydraulic drive being taken from the tractor’s power take-off shaft. The controls, which can be either cable or electrically operated, are located in the tractor cab and within easy reach of the operator to allow quick and efficient...

  • Apple Blower

    Apple Blower

    The APPLE BLOWER is a tractor-mounted attachment to aid the windrowing of fruit. This purpose-built machine blows apples out from under trees ready for windrowing and harvesting.

  • Front Paddles Harvesting Machine

    Front Paddles Harvesting Machine

    These front paddles fold up when not operational, thus provide more manoeuvrability when on headlands, gaining access to orchards through narrow gateways and for transport. The folding front paddles are designed to fit a front 3-point linkage and can be raised using the lift arms on the tractor and folded using the tractors hydraulic services. They have a clearing width of 2.5 metres and can be used in conjunction with the...

  • Cleaning Station

    Cleaning Station

    The CLEANING STATION assembly is a static installation used to clean and sort fruit before delivery for processing.

  • SCIMITAR - Self Propelled Machine

    SCIMITAR - Self Propelled Machine

    This self-propelled machine is used for collecting apples from the orchard, a one-person operation, that can be supplied with either a rear unloading hopper or side unloading elevator. Versatile and easy-to-use this machine is suited to the larger acreage and suits most row widths.

  • Blackcurrant Harvesting

  • Samson - Combined Harvester and Sprayer

    Samson - Combined Harvester and Sprayer

    This machine brings together proven harvesting and spraying equipment to create a single versatile unit, The main power unit is based on the same rugged and reliable chassis design that has become synonymous with fruit harvesting.com machines and its modular design allows for the easy fitting of equipment.

  • Samson - Self-Propelled Harvesters

    Samson - Self-Propelled Harvesters

    Designed to harvest both large and small bushes efficiently it is fundamentally different from other blackcurrant harvesters in the way in which the chassis has been designed on the basis of a tractor power unit with a pivoting front axle so that the harvester achieves excellent traction and steering as well as good stability for the operators at the rear of the machine. Powered by a 4-cylinder water cooled diesel engine, the transmission and...