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  • Soft Fruit Harvesting

  • Blue Berry Harvester

    Blue Berry Harvester

    The Samson has been designed as a ‘straight from bush to tray’ machine to minimize the number of times the blueberries are handled and to reduce unloading time on the headlands. Within the chassis, the centre frame and conveyors are raised and lowered hydraulically. Removal of the fruit is achieved by the use of 2 robust shakers which have been carefully designed to ensure that the amplitude and force available are sufficient to remove...

  • Raspberry Harvester

    Raspberry Harvester

    For maximum all round visibility and precise control the driver is seated at the front of the machine. Simple hydraulic controls, situated to the right of the driver facilitate ease of operation with minimum effort. There are variable speed controls for shakers, fans and conveyors that can be engaged independently The Samson is fitted with an electronic monitoring unit which monitors the forward speed and the left and right shaker speed.

  • Rose Hip Harvester

    Rose Hip Harvester

    Many years machinery design and manufacturing experience for a variety of fruit growers has enabled SFM Technology to bring together a comprehensive range of harvesting machinery SFM Technology have designed and manufactured a self propelled rose-hip harvester developed from their experience gained in similar machines used for harvesting soft fruit around the world.

  • Blackcurrant - Harvester

    Blackcurrant - Harvester

    Designed to harvest both large and small bushes efficiently  it is fundamentally different from other blackcurrant harvesters in the way in which the chassis has been designed on the basis of a tractor power unit with a pivoting front axle so that the harvester achieves excellent traction and steering as well as good stability for the operators at the rear of the machine.

  • Blackcurrant - Combined Harvester Sprayer

    Blackcurrant - Combined Harvester Sprayer

    The Combined Blackcurrant Harvester and Sprayer differs fundamentally from other straddle machines. The chassis has been designed around a tractor power unit with a pivoting front axle which not only ensures good traction and steering but has the added advantage of providing stability for the machine’s operators. The machine is supplied with a factory-fitted cab which provides good visibility when in harvesting mode and protects the driver from...

  • Blackcurrant - Harvester Trailer

    Blackcurrant - Harvester Trailer

    A new edition to the range is a straddle trailer as the name suggests the trailer straddles the row of blackcurrants this allow 6/7 boxes to be filled at a time. This option is veryuseful for longer rows. The blackcurrants are collected from both conveyors and deposited into a central conveyor mounted on the trailer as the machine turns the centre of the conveyor is over the trailer hitch so allowing the minimal loss of currants. The conveyor...

  • Blackcurrant - Sprayer

    Blackcurrant - Sprayer

    After numerous years of manufacturing experience gained from supplying machinery to fruit growers in many industry sectors, The main power unit is based on the same rugged and reliable chassis design that has become synonymous with SFM Technology products and allows for the easy fitting of equipment that is designed on a modular basis. In an environment where greater emphasis is placed on reducing capital tied up in equipment and making the...

  • Platforms


    These platforms can be used to fill trays or to fill big boxes. The big boxes need to be loaded and unloaded with a forklift.

  • Side Conveyors

    Side Conveyors

    Due to customer demand we have developed 2 versions of sideconveyors. These allow the harvester to fill boxes that are on a trailer across the row, this means that a greater number of boxes can be filled at a time.

  • Pruners


    SFM Technology offers a range of 3 blackcurrant pruning machines, each specifically designed to provide optimum performance when carrying out shaping, base pruning or centre pruning. These units can be mounted on to the Samson power unit with a separate mounting frame for the centre pruner. The shaping and base pruner use and interchangeable mounting frame.

  • Trailed Sprayers

    Trailed Sprayers

    Features of the machine include hot-dipped galvanised chassis, adjustable wheel width, pivoting tow bar, which enables the fan to keep running even on the tightest corners, adjustable boom positions with 1200mm of horizontal travel and SFM’s proven patented air-assisted target spraying system with low drift for excellent bush penetration.

  • Apple Harvesting

  • Front Paddles Harvesting

    Front Paddles Harvesting

    The Front Paddles are used to windrow fallen fruit whilst providing a clear path for the harvesting machinery.

  • Hydraulic Tree Shaker

    Hydraulic Tree Shaker

    SFM’s Mechanical Tree Shaker consists of a PTO driven shaker assembly mounted on the tractor’s 3-point linkage and a wire rope coupled to a reinforced nylon sling looped around the lower part of the tree ensuring that the tree and roots are not damaged.

  • The Sprite Apple Harvester

    The Sprite Apple Harvester

    The Sprite apple harvester is an all-in-one, compact apple harvester built around a small tractor making it an ideal one person operated machine.

  • Forklifts


    We have developed a pair of forklifts for all of the Samson harvester range. This allows you to fill two boxes at a time. With the use of a reversible cross conveyor this allows each box to be filled individually. The operator stands on a removable platform which also acts as a latch to hold the boxes in position.