SGB, Inc.

Our vision comes from seeds of opportunity: the opportunity to provide the global energy market with sustainable and economically viable sources of bioenergy that reduce carbon emissions, preserve ecosystems and have a positive economic impact on local communities. SGB is an energy crop company developing and delivering high performance bioenergy solutions for the renewable fuel, biomass and chemical markets. Through its proprietary technologies, genetics and traits, the company is enabling the production of large volumes of sustainable plant oil and biomass at significantly lower costs.

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6335 Ferris Square, Suite A , San Diego , CA 92024 USA

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Globally (various continents)

SGB is a crop technology company that enables the production of low-cost, high quality, sustainable plant oil, protein and biomass for industrial materials, energy and food markets.

The company is introducing a new oil and protein annual crop to the southern states of the United States and other global regions with temperate climates. The new crop is part of the Euphorbia family and is derived from the Jatropha curcas species.

The company currently offers a high-yielding perennial version of the crop for cultivation in subtropical geographies.

The company was founded in 2007 and has raised more than $40M from industry leading strategic and venture capital investors.