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Sgorbati Group

Sgorbati Group represents a century-old tradition, which saw the succession of 4 generations at the service of the agriculture and the industry for the processing of its products. From the dawn of mechanization, when the only driving force was the one of the horse and the ox, to the present days, dominated by electronics and sophisticated technologies, all our resources have been dedicated to the satisfaction of everyone, whether they be individuals or large companies, operating in the field of fruit and vegetables processing and preserving. In the early 60s the company has transformed from purely commercial into manufacturer, producing machinery and equipment for the harvesting of both corn and fodder. Today, with the experience and knowledge gained over the past 35 years, Sgorbati Group comes as the System Integrator of reference for all fruits and vegetables processing needs.

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Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 83 , Rezzato , Brescia 25086 Italy

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We maximize your time with customized solutions for vegetables processing.

Have you ever asked yourself such questions as:

Am I sure that the machines I want to buy have all the requirements to produce efficiently?

Is my company ready to implement new solutions?

Are the machine suppliers giving me everything I really need to bring the desired model to my production facility?

Who will provide the training of my staff for the use of new technologies?

Unlike machine manufacturers, we are free from production constraints, and we supply with high added value services; our main service is to provide time for our customers.

With our offer we guarantee you research and selection services for the most suitable machinery / suppliers to your production needs, always with a view to high quality but with attention to the budget.

Not only that, once the suppliers have been identified and selected, we assist you throughout the purchase phase, acting as an intermediary, to reconcile the needs of both parties.

We aim to offer you solutions resulting from our ability to innovate, to facilitate change and to transfer skills that can develop all business opportunities; all in the shortest possible time, because time is money…

We remain by your side even after the sale, transferring to your staff, with dedicated training courses, those skills resulting from our experience, gained alongside our industrial partners as well as our customers. In this way people become autonomous and able to translate skills into real results.

The same applies to the protection of your technological investment: through the supply of ad hoc spare parts, both original and “aftermarket”, selected by us on the basis of functionality but also of the economy; through post-sales assistance, with qualified teams spread over the territory, for greater timeliness through scheduled maintenance, which guarantee maximum efficiency over time.