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  • Grading Line

  • Lift Roller Sizer

    Lift Roller Sizer

    The Lift Roller Sizer separates your produce into multiple sizes. It is the most accurate roller sizer on the market. The rollers are mounted on an endless chain traveling on a series of ramps. Ramps run at a speed suitable to meet required throughout and allow sufficient time for produce to turn and be accurately sized.

  • Synchron Sizer

    Synchron Sizer

    The Synchron Sizer is the result of years of research and steady development to improve the performance of screen sizing. Originally developed for use with onions and other bulbs, it quickly became clear that, with certain minor changes, the same principle would bring huge benefits to potato sizing as well.

  • Grading Machine

    Grading Machine

    This grading machine can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the product, resulting in optimum capacity and maximum accuracy. Opt for sloping trays, a higher forward speed and maximum capacity or adjust the trays to the horizontal position and benefit from optimum precision. The unique, independently mounted and driven grading decks make this possible.

  • Oculus Optical Sorter

    Oculus Optical Sorter

    Oculus heralds the next generation in high performance, compact, optical sorters for washed potatoes. Optical sorting is driven by innovation, with camera and lighting technologies progressing quickly.