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  • Model TZ04 serie - Front Loader

    Model TZ04 serie - Front Loader

    TZ04 series, equipped with tractors of 40~50HP Can be equipped with:FT454/FT504 TS354C、Luzhong 404/484 JinMa304/354、Changfa 404、Dongfanghong 404 Type:basic type、A type、C type、D type

  • Shelter Mat Roller

    Shelter Mat Roller

    Applicable for rolling-over and covering of straw mat, thermos cover etc, used on shelters. High efficient. It only needs 3-5min for one time of rolling over and covering, saves 1-3h every day every shelter compared with human labor. 1-3h more sunshine every day is beneficial to vegetable and fruit growing, productivity and quality is simultaneously improved, vegetables can be put into market earlier. Safe and reliable, protective to the shelters....