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  • Model UHT - Tubular

    Model UHT - Tubular

    Field of application: In dairy and food industries. The tubular heat exchanger unit is designed for sterilizing and cooling of milk and juice as well as products containing fibers and particles. The sterilization temperature is typically 140C for 4 seconds holding. For milk sterilization, one pre heating section for protein stabilization is needed, i.e. 95°C for 30 seconds holding. Standard design: The unit is pre-assembled and tested before it...

  • Falling Film Evaporator

    Falling Film Evaporator

    Triowin‘s falling film evaporators are specially designed to obtain high quality concentrated milk, whey, juice, pharmaceutical liquids and other heat sensitive materials. The evaporator operates under vacuum and low temperature, which is the key factor in maintaining the organoleptic properties of the processed products. The multiple effects design allows energy savings thus reducing operating costs. In falling film evaporators, liquid and...