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  • Cold Air Drain

    Cold Air Drain

    Propeller: All aluminum construction, balanced, jig-formed to provide complex contour needed for high aerodynamic efficiency. Gearbox:  ISO registered (International Organization for Standards), AGMA Rated (American Gear Manufacturers Association), high efficiency right angle bevel gearbox, cast iron housing, aluminum caps, carburized and case hardened gears. Wind Tunnel Housing: Computer-designed 8-panel model, CNC (Computer Numerically...

  • Wind Machine

    Wind Machine

    Coverage : Approx. 10 acres. Best Suited Areas : Flat. Unit Cost {with Power Unit) : Approx. $32,000*. Installation Cost : Cement Pad + Installation: Cost Unknown (may be included in price of new machine). Maintenance Cost : Mfg. Service Contract: Cost Unknown. Auto-Start Available? : Yes. Fuel Consumption : Approx. 10gal/hr2. Horsepower : 85-100(100+)HP3. Power Options : Gas, Electric PTO, Diesel, LPG, Temperature Controlled Auto Start. Fan...