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  • Grain,Herbal,Spices Grinding Machine

    Grain,Herbal,Spices Grinding Machine

    Grinding Machine is made of high quality stainless steel and equipped with double-value capacitor induction motor. It could grind a variety of grains, herbs, spices into powder of 50-200 mesh. The grinding speed and the final powder size can be adjusted. It is simple to operate and  easy to maintain.

  • Oil Production Line

    Oil Production Line

    It is composed of cleaner/destoner,ironremover,crushing machine,softening kettle,flaking machine, cooker, oil press machine and oil refinery equipmentetc, so that the quality of oil and cake can be improved. The expeller or pre-press expeller can be selected to improve oil yield and reduce loss,and applicable for pressing rapeseed,cottonseed kernel,sunflower seed, peanut kernel,soybean,rice bran,sesame,tea seed and coconut etc,The complete equipment...