SideTool offers the first system with interchangeable attachments between the skid steer and the compact excavator. Tools below the swivel free the bucket while placing tools to the `Side` allows the operator to address the difficult and costly shoulder area more safely and efficiently. Reduce costs 40% — Trench forward — Compact, backfill and grade from the road surface! Our design engineers are creating attachment systems that increase safety, efficiency and success in today’s competitive world.

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SideTool began in 2004 as an inventor, designer, manufacturer and contractor of sidewalk grading attachments. SideTool began with the SideGrader, which revolutionizes the way the industry grades sidewalk, road shoulder and asphalt patch. By reducing costs by more than 40%, the SideGrader replaces a once laborious and costly method of providing finish grade with an efficient system.

Because we are contractors first, our attachments address the needs of the industry from a level that few attachment manufacture/designers have. Experience in the field demonstrates the value of placing tools to the side of a machine. Currently most equipment is place behind a farm tractor or in front of a skid steer. By placing the SideTool to the side operators are now able to work shoulder areas much more efficiently whether grading, backfilling, installing silt fence, trenching, etc. Because most road projects have a number of tasks that need to be performed on the shoulder, the advantages of working from the road surface became immediately clear.

The SideGrader demonstrated how much work could be done to the side and not twist the machine.

Placing tools to the side of machines allows SideTool to fill niches that were not possible before. By placing the skid steer trencher attachment to the side, for instance, the trencher can now be spun 180 degrees, allowing the skid steer to travel forward. Trenching forward gives huge safety advantages, as well as significant increases in production. An operator can now do more work, addressing obstacles far more efficiently than one could ever have while going backwards.

Our patented and patent pending systems make a significant impact on the industry. SideTool is now the industry leader in creating innovative attachments. SideTool offers the world’s number one solutions for sidewalk finish grade, silt fence installation, trench backfill/compaction, planter and shoulder grading, and forward trenching - with many more solutions to come.

In the fall of 2012, SideTool proudly announced their partnership with Synergetic Industries. Synergetic provides a unique combination of superior engineering, prototyping and attention to service, right here in the USA.

SideTool, working side by side with Synergetic engineers, combines innovative design with top engineers. Together we work with major OEM’s to create efficient designs that maximize the efforts of the machine and contractor.

SideTool and Synergetic, working together, offer the world’s most versatile excavator. By placing the tools below the swivel, the patent pending SideTool system transforms the excavator into a multi-tool system. The freed bucket can now manipulate material and remove obstacles around the attachment.

One third of the attachments now placed on a skid steer rely on another machine and operator to provide assistance and can now be accomplished by one SideTool ready machine. A SideTool Ready Excavator is now capable of 20-40 functions vs. the conventional 8-10, making a major impact on productivity in the industry.

Today’s successful contractor is seeking new and creative solutions. At SideTool it is our goal to continue to develop and improve attachments and tool carrier systems to allow contractors to be as efficient as possible. We look forward to working directly with our customers to meet that objective.