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  • Manure Systems

    Manure Systems

    Sikkema's Equipment handles all of your manure system needs from design and installation to service and maintenance.

  • Lester Buildings

    Lester Buildings

    We have the ability to offer the best of both worlds-either a great hoop building from Winkler Structures or a post frame building from the folks at Lester.  Lester Buildings offer you uncompromising quality and unsurpassed value since 1947.  Lester offers an incredible variety of ways to build your building just the way you want it.  Multiple bay spacings, flexible framing systems, multiple porch designs and loads of color options.

  • Rubber-Alley Matting

    Rubber-Alley Matting

    Great traction. Impact absorbing. Does not promote bacteria growth. Easier on cows legs than concrete. Installation is quick and low cost. Nylon inlay for Greater Durability. Great for alleyways, cow decks or walkways. 5/8' thickness

  • Glide Trac Vinyl Doors

    Glide Trac Vinyl Doors

    Sikkema Glide Trac Vinyl Doors are a great alternative to traditional overhead doors.  They can be used for dairy barns, equipment sheds, storage buildings, commercial buildings, backyard sheds and anywhere else you need a door.

  • Hoop Barns

    Hoop Barns

    Sikkema's Equipment is a Michigan and Northern Indiana dealer for Winkler Building Structures. We are committed to providing the best manufacturing structures available. Winkler has a wide range of products from Truck Tarps, Hay Covers, Garage Mats, Industrial Curtains, Cabins, Garages, Hog Barns, Dairy Barns, Equestrian Arenas, Stall Barns, Sand/Fertilizer Buildings, to many other buildings. Imagine the possibilities that you could do with a...

Products by Agri-Plastics Mfg

  • Starter Pen

  • Starter Pen

    Starter Pen

    The Starter Pen sits directly on the ground and can be placed in a building or outside under an overhang. These units com with the standard Top and Bottom Air Flow Vents and your choice of the Bottle Front Feeding Door or the Teat Bucket Front Feeding Door.

  • Movable Starter Pen

    Movable Starter Pen

    The Movable Starter Pen includes 4 wheels, two swivel wheels with brakes and two ridged wheels that are mounted directly to the molded slatted floor. It also comes with our standard Top and Bottom Air Flow Vents and your choice of Bottle Front Feeding Door or Teat Bucket Front Feeding Door. The units are designed to be easily cleaned and wheeled around your operation. These can be placed in a  building or outside under an over hang.

  • Calf Hutches

  • Deluxe - Model SSL - Space Saver Calf Hutch

    Deluxe - Model SSL - Space Saver Calf Hutch

    Agri-Plastics’ Newest Calf Hutch to date! the new Space Saver Hutch is perfect for smaller sized calves or for shorter growth periods. The SSL Calf Hutch includes Top Roof Vent, Rear 3-in-One Door and Bottom Air Flow Vents.

  • Deluxe - Model SL - Calf Hutch

    Deluxe - Model SL - Calf Hutch

    Agri-Plastics SL Calf Hutch is used for standard growth periods of 6 – 8 weeks of age. This calf hutch is very popular for when calves are weaned up to 8 weeks of age.  The SL Calf Hutch comes with the option of side or rear feeding using the included Manger and two poly buckets.  Each unit comes ready to use with Top Vent, 3-In-One Rear Door, Bottom Air Flow Vents.

  • Deluxe - Model EXL - Calf Hutch

    Deluxe - Model EXL - Calf Hutch

    Agri-Plastics Exl Hutch has been a market leader for over 18 years. This calf hutch is designed for longer growth periods of 8 to 12 weeks of age. It gives better protection from wind, rain and snow in colder climate. The rear of the hutch stays dryer and warmer on cold days. Options for feeding include side and rear feeding. The EXL Calf Hutch includes a manger, two buckets, Top Vent, Rear 3-In-One Door nd bottom Air Flow Vents.