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  • Storage Grain Products

  • Buckets Elevators

    Buckets Elevators

    The bucket elevators are used for vertical transport of cereals,grain, flour products. The entire series EL is realized with dip galvanizing steel,that made this series suitable for outdoor uses. Also legs can be supplied on dip galvavanized steel or SENDZIMIR galvanizartion. Buckets are made of iron or PVC with high efficiency form while belts are made of rubber, with mediately anti-oil and anti-static coating. Drive is made, on standard execution,...

  • Chain Conveyors

    Chain Conveyors

    The TC chain conveyors are used for carrying cereals, granular and flour products on horizontal or slightly inclined tracks. Designed for outdoor use they are made by galvanised steel sheet (SENDZIMIR Z300 process) on request TC serie can be supplied with dip galvavanized steel. The chain drive with steel folded meshes is made from very strong steel complete with PEHD scrapers for cleaning the bottom of the case polyzene chain guide with high...

  • Electrical Control Panel

    Electrical Control Panel

    Thanks to experience and knowledge of our partners, we are able  nowadays to offer control panel using best available technologies. A software built and dedicated to our storage plants gives to operators the possibility to manege easly and in a very intuitive way the whole system.

  • Dryers


    To obtain a good quality on storage of cerels and oleaginous seeds, we have to store it on a known moisture Thnaks to experience of our partners, SILESFOR DP is able to offer a wide range of continuous flow dryers, with or without energy saving systems that cover a production from 2* T/h to 60* T/h. The choice of the suitable machine, is operated by our technicians considering the kind of cereal that must be processed, the capacity of mechanization...

  • Flat Bottomed Silos

    Flat Bottomed Silos

    SILESFOR silos’ are the result of a constant and hard work of committment in the production and realization of implantation for cereals storaging. Using the most updated production technologies, choosing the highest quality material and the projecting and producting flexibility, make SILESFOR’s silos a qualitative and competitive products able to satisfy the need of many storaging farms.