Silo Bag Grain

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  • Mainero - Model 2235 - Dry grain Bagger

    Mainero - Model 2235 - Dry grain Bagger

    Dual hydraulic disc brake pressure control is regulated by one single valve. This constant and even pressure controls the bagger so it moves straight and fills the bag evenly. Oversized filling hopper can be offset to load grain in hopper more easily. The see-through window on the filling hopper makes for easy viewing while filling bagger. Maineros' easy-load bag system utlizes a self contained bag loader mechanism for easy, fast and safer bag...

  • Akron - Model EXG300 - Grain Bag Unloader

    Akron - Model EXG300 - Grain Bag Unloader

    Weight: Curb Weight: 2300kg. Performance: 4660kg/mm - 280tons. Vertical Augers: d: 403 x d: 73 x flange 165. Horizontal Augers: d : 250 x d: 60 x flange 95. Tube: d: 430. Box; Vertical auger rpm: 348Rpm. Box Horizontal auger ipm  418 Rpm. Power Required: 100/120HP. Chassis: tubes 175 x 3/16' (thickness). System: Auto trailer. Tire: 750 xl6d: 808. Height is adjusted by means of hydraulic cylinder. Clutch system to uncouple and stop the movement of...